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Posted by Sara on March 30, 2023

Next Best Picture recently did a lengthy interview with Dianna about her upcoming film Acidman, which she both starred in and directed. It’s a great interview, and you can listen to it on podcast apps, such as Spotify and iTunes Podcasts – or you can watch it below.

“Acidman” had its world premiere at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, where it received positive notices for the performances from Academy Award nominee Thomas Haden Church (“Sideways”) and “Glee” star Dianna Agron for their work as an estranged father whose daughter travels across the country to visit him only to discover that he’s starting to lose his mind in his search for UFO’s. Dianna was kind enough to spend some time talking with us about working with Haden Church, collaborating with director and co-writer Alex Lehmann, her own relationship with her father, and more. Please take a listen below and be sure to check out the film this weekend from Brainstorm Media in limited release and on demand.

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