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New photoshoot by Tom Mitchell

Yesterday might have been Dianna’s birthday, but apparently we’re the ones getting the presents! Dianna’s photographer friend Tom Mitchell shared a stunning new photoshoot of Di for her birthday, taken in New York City a couple of weeks back. We are absolutely obsessed with this shoot, make sure you check it out in our gallery! Below you can read Dianna’s Instagram message about her birthday and the photoshoot.

Feeling loved and lucky to have such special people in my life. Taking it all in. Much to celebrate. And thank you Tom for capturing the turnover. Ok, 36

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Happy 36th Birthday Dianna Agron – We’re celebrating with rare portraits!

It our favorite angel’s birthday today! We here at Dianna Agron Heaven want to wish Dianna a very happy birthday, hopefully spent with her loved ones. This previous year has really been an incredible one for her career wise, with Shiva Baby, The Laureate and As They Made Us all being great successes. We’re very excited to see what the coming year will bring her, and we wish her all the best both professionally and personally! Thank you for being a great inspiration to us all Dianna, we really appreciate everything you do and all the happiness you spread around you.

To celebrate Dianna’s birthday, we’ve updated our gallery with some rare outtakes from one of the portrait sessions Dianna did at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival! Only two photos were previously released from this shoot, both in black and white, but we’ve been fortunate enough to get a hold of colored versions of both – as well as several brand new shots. Enjoy!

Review: Dianna Agron saves Mayim Bialik’s film directing debut ‘As They Made Us’

The family depicted in “As They Made Us” is unhappy in its own way, but even Tolstoy would have to admit that these folks aren’t as interesting as they could be.

Mayim Bialik’s feature writing and directing debut was inspired by some of her own relationships. The movie rings true, with just enough convincing, oddball details to distinguish it from the generic run of dying parent dramas. Still, this fictionalized family — let’s call them the fraying Frays — seems like it could have been imagined with more distinctive traits, anxieties and issues.

The film is worth watching thanks to a flawless central performance by “Glee” alum Dianna Agron, solid elder annoyance shtick from Candice Bergen and Dustin Hoffman, and Bialik’s “Big Bang Theory” co-star Simon Helberg locating his pain and relishing every minute of it.

Burlingame High School graduate Agron plays the stressed but resilient Abigail Fray, a divorced mother of two rambunctious boys with a nice enough ex (Charlie Weber) and a decent house, despite her only apparent income source being a column for Modern Jew magazine. She almost never works on that, by the way, and we can tell that her parents live modestly because Abi is always running over to their place.

Barbara Fray (Bergen) calls or texts whenever dad Eugene (Hoffman) falls and can’t get up, or she has to fire another caretaker because they gave Eugene pot gummies or something. The movie jumps around in time, from Abi and brother Nathan’s childhood with their combative, sometimes physically abusive parents, to various stages of the heroine’s adult life. Every period is marked by different problems with the elder Frays that all, more or less, play out the same.

Barbara is stubborn, often wrong, likes her wine and always says the most inappropriate things. That reaches an embarrassing/amusing peak when Mom calls while Abi tries to get her cute landscaper Jay (East Bay native Justin Chu Cary) to come on in her kitchen, but Barbara’s more often just flat-out appalling. Eugene’s mulish too, but grows vulnerable as his never-specified degenerative condition moves inexorably into its final, fatal stage.

Nathan, played by Helberg as an adult, cut out on the domestic drama 20 years earlier after Eugene slapped the lad for wanting to have sex with his girlfriend. Odd, since the parents aren’t religious and claim to be arty types from the Swinging ’60s, but we all have relatives who get weird over things they shouldn’t. Anyway, lots of Abi’s fixer energy goes toward luring Nathan home to reconcile with Dad before it’s too late.

There’s something admirably centered about Agron’s work. She waits until the last, logical moment to indulge in overt breakdown behavior, with a few nicely played steam-releases earlier on. Unlike her brother, Abi never lets well-earned exasperation with the elder Frays strangle her love, despite the many times they’re just asking to be throttled. Both Bergen and Hoffman strike the right notes of obnoxiousness, agony and regret whenever required. But they’re consummate pros plying their trade; Agron’s is the only organic presence.

With cinematographer David Feeney-Mosier, Bialik displays a subtle sense of lighting and composition that makes “As They Made Us” look like more than a TV movie. The material is the kind of stuff that TV actors would consider a creative stretch, but this is hardly “The Father.”

The project’s original title was “As Sick as They Made Us,” no doubt changed for reasons of taste. But if a dysfunctional family is going to make an impression, good taste should not be a factor.

L“As They Made Us”: Family drama. Starring Dianna Agron, Candice Bergen, Dustin Hoffman and Simon Helberg. Directed by Mayim Bialik. (R. 96 minutes.) Opens at the Summerfield Cinema in Santa Rosa and available through video on demand starting Friday, April 8.

Dianna guests Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown Podcast to discuss ‘As They Made Us’

To promote their new film, As They Made Us, Dianna and Mayim Bialik sat down to discuss, well, pretty much everything! In the over one hour long episode, we get to learn more about Dianna’s choice to choose smaller projects following her time on Glee, making art after processing grief, her experience growing up in hotels and so much more. It really is an incredible interview that I recommend listening from start to finish, as we get to know many new details about Dianna we’ve never heard before. The episode is also available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, so that you can easily listen to Dianna speak even if you’re in the middle of a busy schedule keeping you from watching the video of the recording!

Dianna Agron (As They Made Us, Glee, Acid Man, Shiva Baby) joins us to discuss what it was like to work with Mayim on her new film, As They Made Us. She opens up about her experiences growing up in hotels and her family’s struggles after her father’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Mayim and Dianna bond over the scrutiny they faced while publicly coming of age on a television show, the inclination to make art after processing grief, and the benefits of healthy compartmentalization. Mayim explains the process of writing her film in response to the loss of her father and why Dianna’s character was the most difficult for her to write. She discusses body and emotional awareness in another installment of Moments of Peace and Calm.

Dianna Agron Talks Naya Rivera Memories, Mayim Bialik, Jewish Heritage, “As They Made Us” Film (Video)

Dianna talked to Allison Kugel recently, the owner of podcast Allison Interviews, and she just released an almost 20 minutes long sneakpeak at their interview! You can listen to it below. The full podcast episode will be released on April 8th, so make sure you check it out on whichever podcast platform you prefer.

Dianna Agron took television fans on a multi-layered emotional ride playing complex popular girl, Quinn Fabray, on the hit television series Glee, which ran for seven seasons on FOX, and was nominated for and won multiple Emmy, Golden Globe, People’s Choice and Teen Choice Awards during its tenure. Through the series, Agron’s character portrayed a foray of teenage girl issues, ranging from the common to the more dramatic. From cattiness and romance drama to matters of celibacy, teen pregnancy and adoption, her character may have appeared to be the beautiful, blonde popular cheerleader but harbored a great range of complex issues.

Since wrapping the show in 2015, Agron has gone on to build her resume in films, including winnder of this year’s Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award winning film, Shiva Baby, and this most recently, As They Made Us, starring Agron, alongside Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergan and Simon Helberg, and written and directed by Mayim Byalik.

April 8th. Listen to and watch the entire interview on the Allison Interviews podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and on YouTube.

Interview: Dianna Agron Discusses Her Two-Week Café Carlyle Residency Starting March 29th

Hello Dianna Nation! Dianna starts her two-week long Café Carlyle Residency tonight (her third time at the legendary Manhattan nightclub), and for that occasion she did a great new interview with Broadway World. This interview gave us so much new and exciting information! For starters, Dianna will start shooting a new film right after her time at Café Carlyle. According to her, this is a psychological horror film that will began shooting next month in Austin.

Stay tuned for updates this coming week, as we will of course share any photos, videos or interviews related to Café Carlyle!

When Dianna Agron takes the stage at the Cafe Carlyle tomorrow night, it will be her third time to play the legendary Manhattan nightclub. A singing actress for almost as long as she has been a hotel-dweller, the innovative artist takes great pride and much joy in being a part of the re-opening of the nightclub where played such important artists as Barbara Cook, Elaine Stritch, and Bobby Short. Always taking great care to curate music for her shows that will create a musical experience for her devoted audiences, Ms. Agron has spent the last month meticulously lining up compositions that will give the people sitting in the seats out front that which she feels is most valuable at this time: joy.

Before taking those exciting first steps onto the stage tomorrow night, Dianna Agron took out a few minutes to take a call today from Broadway World Cabaret to discuss the importance of indie film making, the experience of watching New York City come back to life after the lockdown, and why her choice of music right now is songs that she took no part in creating.
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