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Posted by Sara on March 15, 2023

Hello Dianna fans! As you can see, Dianna Agron Heaven has a brand new design today. Just as our first two looks, it was designed by my good friend (and extremely talented graphic designer) Nicole, and I really hope you’ll all like it as much as I do! We decided to use Dianna’s Shiva Baby premiere photoshoot pics, as they’re among my favorites from the recent years.

We also have a new domain, diannaagron.net. Big thanks to my friend Emily for helping us get this! As those of you who follow us on twitter already know, we unfortunately lost our old domain recently (diannaagron.org). Our site will therefore only be available through the .net url from now on – spread the word to any Dianna fan you know! Since the change, our site has been filled with broken links and images, and the video archive, graphics section and press pages were lost. Our video archive is now up and running again, and we even think this new one is easier to browse! The press pages will have to be re-done completely, so I hope you’ll stay patient with us while we get those done. I hope to have the graphics archive back up tomorrow.

Make sure to also check out the gallery for many new photos of Dianna from 2022 and 2023 events!

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