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1x01: Pilot
Episode title: Pilot
Written by: Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk & Ian Brennan
Directed by: Ryan Murphy
Original air date: May 19, 2009
US Viewers: 9.62 Millions
Episode number overall: Episode 1
Former glee club star Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) takes over McKinley High School's glee club in the hopes of restoring it to its former glory. He is faced with the challenge of converting a group of misfits, including fame-hungry Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley), Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz), and Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale), into a team of singers. When Will discovers that football quarterback Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) has a secret talent for singing, he blackmails Finn into joining the club. His friendship with friend and colleague, Ken Tanaka (Patrick Gallagher), the football coach suffers when Ken discovers that his crush, the school guidance counselor, Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) has a crush on Will. Meanwhile, Will's pregnant wife Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) pushes Will to find a higher paying job to support his family. Will considers quitting his job and commitment to the glee club, but overhears New Directions performing "Don't Stop Believin'" so well that he ends up returning after getting guidance from Emma, concluding that he could not bear to see them win Nationals without him.
The McKinley High Cheerios are practicing a difficult routine by their relentless cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester. Spanish teacher Will Schuester parks his car, which has a loose exhaust pipe, and then walks passed several members of the football team, including Finn Hudson and Noah "Puck" Puckerman, surrounding flamboyant student Kurt Hummel by the dumpster. Will greets them fondly and passes by them without a clue as to what the jocks have in store for the small teen. As he leaves, the jocks grab Kurt and unceremoniously toss him into the dumpster, after allowing him to take off his expensive, name-brand jacket. Will gazes at the school trophy case where a tribute plaque to the late Glee Club coach Lillian Adler reads, "By its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy." Later, Will is teaching verbs with his Spanish class, where a bored Finn is struggling to concentrate. Current Glee Club coach, Sandy Ryerson, and his lead soloist, Hank Saunders, are practicing Where Is Love? together in the choir room, where Sandy proceeds to touch Hank inappropriately on the stomach as a jealous Rachel Berry watches from outside the door.

n the teacher's lounge, Will asks his co-worker, and McKinley High football coach, Ken Tanaka where the coffee pot is. Ken remarks that Principal Figgins got rid of it due to budget cuts and suggest they strike because of it. Sue enters the room with lattés for the two just as guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury enters the room with her lunch, which is stored in tupperware, and she also uses disposable gloves and wetnaps to clean the table she eats at, implying that she is a perfectionist and mysophobic. Emma politely greets Ken and Will, with Ken eyeing her as she eyes Will, both clearly interested. Emma asks why Sue bought lattés, to which Sue remarks that she felt bad that Figgins cut the coffee budget to pay for a nutritionist for the Cheerios which leads to small banter between the two. Ken tries to flirt with Emma, who is uninterested, and Emma eventually brings up that Sandy got fired. Will then asks who will take over Glee Club.

Will meets Principal Figgins in his office and asks to take over Glee Club, but Figgins is cynical. Figgins mentions that it'll take $60 a month to keep the program, and that if Will wants school support, then the Glee Club would have to bring in the same kind of money that the Cheerios bring in. While sleeping with his wife, Terri, Will tries to think of a way to hide the money from Terri while subsequently getting the kids motivated to join. During his thought process, he jolts up after coming up with a name for the club: New Directions.

At a billboard with a sign-up sheet for the Glee Club, various students secretly apply: Mercedes Jones, a diva-ish student, sings a powerful rendition of Aretha Franklin's Respect; Kurt Hummel auditions with Mr. Cellophane from the Broadway musical, Chicago during which he hits an impressive high note (D5); Tina Cohen-Chang, a shy Asian-American student, and wheelchair-bound student Artie Abrams sign up and Tina comically auditions with Katy Perry's recent hit I Kissed a Girl; and finally, talented Rachel Berry auditions with a moving version of On My Own from Les Misérables.

During a voiceover, Rachel mentions that she signs her name with a gold star because it is a metaphor of her being a star. After she signs up, she is hit in the face with a slushie by Puck. Rachel also reveals that she was the one who reported Sandy to Principal Figgins about touching Hank, to which she dramatically cried to Figgins about how wrong it was. However, Rachel smirks suspiciously after this admission but asserts that she didn't do it because Sandy gave Hank the solo she felt she deserved. Rachel reveals that she has two gay fathers via surrogacy and mentions that she was given dance and vocal lessons since her early childhood to give her a competitive edge. She reveals that posts a MySpace video every day to keep her talent alive and growing, but her videos are viewed by the Cheerio squad where the head cheerleader, Quinn Fabray, leaves cruel messages to her.

After the audition, Rachel confidently asks when they start rehearsals. During rehearsals, the New Directions put on a disastrous performance of Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat. Rachel is upset that Will has cast Artie as the lead, especially since Artie is in a wheelchair. After Artie defends Will's choice by saying that he chose irony to enhance the performance, Rachel storms out of the choir room, claiming that "there is nothing ironic about show choir." Will finds Rachel sitting alone on the bleachers, watching Sue yell at the Cheerios, and she tells him she needs a male lead who can follow her musically and physically. She also reveals that she is tired of being hated and laughed at, and doesn't want to make a fool out of herself. Ken pops by to tell Will that Figgins needs to speak with him. Figgins tells Will that they are going to use the choir room for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but Will convinces him to keep it running until they win Sectionals, but at the cost of running detention for free. At a home goods store called Sheets-N-Things, Terri is teaching an incompetent employee how to fold a sheet, to which he says he can't do it because he's dyslexic. Will drops by with Terri's lunch to which Terri nags that Will had put mayonnaise in her sandwich and mentions that if her diabetes returns then she would be unable to get pregnant. Will then reveals to her that he is going to be running detention and that he'd be home late, which displeases Terri. Will then runs into Sandy Ryerson in the store who tells him that he is now a drug dealer and offers to let Will join in, who declines but not before Sandy gives him a pack of medical marijuana in his shirt for free.

Will seeks out advice from Emma about how to get more kids to join Glee Club, to which she mentions that they would follow the popular crowd. So, Will asks Sue and Ken to get some of the Cheerios and football players to join but is shot down by Sue and is disappointed to learn that the football team vandalized his sign-up sheet. Will is just about to give up until he hears a student sing Can't Fight This Feeling in the showers. It is revealed to be Finn Hudson. Will is mesmerized by the boy's talent and decides to do something rash.

Will brings Finn into his office and accuses him of possessing marijuana that Will claims to have found via a bi-weekly afternoon locker check. Finn denies that it's his, but Will counters that just being in possession of it is a felony. Will states that Finn will get kicked out school and his football scholarship. Finn begs him to not tell his mother and Will reveals that he sees a lot of himself in Finn and mentions that he knows what it's like to struggle with life choices and expected more out of him.

n a voiceover, Finn reveals that Will's words really got to him and talks about his past. In a flashback, Finn reveals that his father died at a young age and that his mother, Carole, struggled with being a single parent. He mentions that she was her happiest when they splurged to buy Emerald Dreams, an industry that colors her yard to look green. The worker, Darren, got Finn into singing as they sing along to Journey's Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' . Darren and Carol eventually start dating but things end on a sour note when Darren runs off with a beautiful blonde, leaving Carol devastated. Back to the present, Will tricks Finn into joining the Glee Club by giving him the option to attend six weeks of detention or join New Directions. Finn chooses to join. The New Directions perform You're the One That I Want together, to which a flirtatious Rachel tries to woo Finn during their duet. Mercedes breaks up the duo and states that she is not okay with singing back-up as she is "Beyoncé, not Kelly Rowland." Will tells her that it's just one song and that there will be others, which sates Mercedes who then compliments that Finn is good, but he better "bring it."

At their apartment, Will and Terri are doing a puzzle together in Terri's craft room and Will tells her that the New Directions are working hard and was thinking about taking them on a field trip to Carmel High, whose Glee Club is the team to beat at Regionals and asks Terri to come chaperone with him, who declines. This eventually leads to an argument about Will's future and Will claims that he does not want to be an accountant and that his passion is teaching. Later, Will puts up sign-up sheet in the teacher's lounge for chaperones to which an eager Emma quickly signs up for. High school bully Puck overhears Ken chewing out Finn for missing practice Saturday to go on Will's field trip to Carmel High and asks him what it was about. Finn lies and says that he has to help his mom around the house because she had her prostate removed. Despite the fact that women do not have prostates, Puck believes the story and leaves it at that. At field trip to Carmel High, Rachel compliments Finn that he is very talented and mentions that the rest of the team expects the two of them to become an item, to which Finn deflects by saying that he has a girlfriend, Quinn Fabray who is the captain of the Celibacy Club, whom he has been dating for four months. Will and Emma share a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and talk about Will marital problems and Will mentions that Terri rides him all the time, but believes it's because she wants him to be better except he doesn't know what is he needs to be better at.

Will, Emma, and the New Directions all sit down in the school's auditorium where Will confidently states that Vocal Adrenaline, the Glee Club's rivals and last year's winner at Nationals, don't have the talent the New Directions have. They watch Vocal Adrenaline perform an impressive rendition of Amy Winehouse's Rehab that leaves the New Directions dumbfounded with Tina stating that they are "d-d-doomed."

At school, Finn is surrounded by his football teammates where Puck tells him he looked online to learn that women actually don't have prostates. Discovered, Finn admits the lie and is paintballed by the team. Will comes home to find Terri holding two glasses of champagne with a banner that reads "Congratulations" hung up. Terri then reveals that she's pregnant and Will is left ecstatic.Will gathers the glee kids in the auditorium where he tells them that he is resigning as Glee Club director and that he'll find them a replacement, much to their disappointment. Despite their promises of working harder, Will mentions that sometimes they have to give up the things they love and that they'll understand that one day when they grow up. After Will found out that his wife Terri is pregnant he decided to be left alone on stage and starts singing Leaving on a Jet Plane. Emma catches Will in the teacher's lounge applying for an accounting spot at H. W. Mencken. She tells Will to come to the career center for guidance, much to his resistance but agrees for her. Rachel meets Finn at his locker and questions his absence at Glee Club. Quinn and Santana Lopez interrupt and asks Finn why he's talking to her. Rachel covers that they are working on a science project and the two cheerleaders leave them be. Finn says that he can't do Glee Club anymore and Rachel tells him that he's got a gift and that he shouldn't worry about what people think of him.

Finn and Puck are walking through the football field where Puck says that he's not going to apologize about the paintball incident. He then questions Finn's motives for joining Glee Club which Finn lies by saying Will was going to give him extra credit for Spanish class. As a "welcome back gift to the normal," Puck reveals that he trapped Artie in the port-o-potty with the intent to flip it and lets Finn have the first roll. After thinking things through, Finn finally decides to do the right thing and help Artie. Disappointed, Puck tells him that he is a loser but Finn counters that they're all losers. Over Puck's protests, Finn tells him that both the football team and Glee Club need him to win, so he'll do both. While pushing Artie to practice, he sees Darren spraying the football field singing to Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. At Glee Club rehearsal, the New Directions members are growing frustrated with a controlling Rachel as Finn wheels Artie into the backstage with the group. Finn then apologizes to them for all the bullying that he and the football team had done to them and says that they're all here for the same reason: to be a part of something special. Finn then unites the Glee Club together to put on a showstopping performance.

In the teacher's lounge, Emma shows Will a clip of the 1993 McKinley High Glee Club at Nationals, performing a mash-up of two KC and the Sunshine Band songs. Emma tells Will that that's the happiest she's ever seen him and Will reveals that that was the greatest moment of his life because he loved what he was doing. He reveals that he was also felt that happy when he found out he was going to be a father and that he had to provide for his new family. Emma asks him what he's providing them with, the understanding that money is more important or that the only life worth living is one he's really passionate about. As Will is getting ready to leave, he overhears the New Directions in the auditorium performing Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. Following the sound, he steps into the auditorium to discover that the Glee Club has improved greatly and are getting better. Unbeknownst to Will and the Glee Club, an envious and competitive Sue along with Quinn and Santana are watching from above. Puck also watches the performance from the entrance, observing Finn. After the performance is over, Will gives them an applause and gives them advice on how to improve. Finn asks if this means he is staying, to which Will says it would kill him to see them win Nationals without him. (Source)
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Quinn in the episode
Quinn makes her first appearance and is revealed to be Finn's girlfriend. She is also seen as having Protestant Christian or Catholic christian faith (this is shown by the cross necklace she wears and the portrait of Jesus Christ in her room). She is the president of the celibacy club. She is portrayed as a cruel and mean girl because she is seen laughing at Rachel's Myspace, which contains videos of Rachel singing. She also asks Finn what he's doing talking to her in a mean manner.
Episode Quotes
Sue Sylvester: [at cheerleading practice] You think this is hard? Try being waterboarded, *that's* hard!

Quinn: Hi, Finn. (to Rachel ) RuPaul.
Finn: Heeey.
Quinn: What are you doing talking to her?
Rachel: Science project–we’re partners.
Quinn: Christ Crusaders tonight at 5, my house.
Finn: Sounds great.

Songs Performed
Quinn did not perform any songs in this episode.

On My Own (Cast of Les Misérables): Rachel Berry
Can't Fight This Feeling (REO Speedwagon): Finn Hudson
Rehab (Amy Winehouse): Vocal Adrenaline
Leaving on a Jet Plane (John Denver): Will Schuester
Don't Stop Believin' (Journey): New Directions
» Dianna was the last person of the original cast to get a part. On her first day she had to do a scene with Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) in which they 'made-out' together. Director Ryan Murphy told her to look sexy, but she was so nervous that she couldn't focus.

» The night before shooting the pilot, Quinn had still not been cast. Dianna auditioned and sang in the office next to Robert J. Ulrich the night before filming began.

» The scene where Rachel reprimands Finn for deciding to quit Glee because his friends tease him originally ended with her slapping him. In her audition, Lea Michele reached across the table without any hesitation and slapped one of the casting directors, who was reading Finn for her. When the other casting directors erupted with laughter, Michele sternly told them "This isn't comedy - that was my sad face! Now, I'm going to do it again and you're all going to cry."

» Kurt sings the song "Cellophane" from Chicago. Chris Colfer sang the same song for his audition for the show.
» The band Kings of Leon was approached by Ryan Murphy about the use of some of their songs for Glee due to their uplifting message, but the band immediately told Murphy no and then insulted him and Glee online, leading to a lengthy public fight between the two parties where Ryan Murphy accused the band of homophobia and the band responded that they weren't and simply hated the show and would not be involved with it.

» The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.

» The episode achieved 9.6 million viewers and a 5.6 rating on its first broadcast and 4.2 million when the Extended Director's Cut was aired.

» This episode features the most songs with fourteen, including unreleased songs. Of these fourteen, only five were released, one of which was only featured in the Extended Director's Cut.

» Lea Michele and Amber Riley revealed in an interview that Glee originally had a theme song that was never used. They did not record it because FOX still has rights to it.

» This is the first episode ever written by all three co-creators, the other six being Showmance, The Quarterback, Loser Like Me, 2009, Dreams Come True.

Episode Clips
1x02: Showmance
Episode title: Showmance
Written by: Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk & Ian Brennan
Directed by: Ryan Murphy
Original air date: September 9, 2009
US Viewers: 7.50 Million
Episode number overall: 2
The glee club must perform in front of the school for the first time in an attempt to recruit new members. Will takes a second job as a janitor and grows closer to Emma, who decides to respect that he is married and instead accepts a date with football coach Ken Tanaka. Terri discovers she is having a hysterical pregnancy, but hides the truth from Will, telling him they are having a son. Cheerleaders Santana (Naya Rivera), Brittany (Heather Morris), and Finn's girlfriend Quinn (Dianna) join New Directions, recruited by coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) to help bring down the club. Rachel and Finn kiss while rehearsing, but Finn chooses to return to Quinn.
Will is driving into the school parking lot, his license plate reading GLEE. He passes by several of the Glee Club members who have all shown great enthusiasm since Don't Stop Believin'. All except Kurt, who is once again being tossed into a dumpster by Puck and his football lackies. Emma hides behind a wall, waiting for Will to come by so she can "accidentally" bump into him. He thanks her for the advice she gave him and mentions that coaching Glee Club is where he belongs. The two are interrupted by Santana, who tells them to get a room while Quinn tells Will that Sue would like to see him in her office. When Will enters Sue's office, she backhandedly mentions to Will that if New Directions does not place at Regionals, Principal Figgins will cut the program. Will tells her not to worry and says they'll be fine. Sue then informs Will that she was at the library and came across the Show Choir Rule Book. As it turns out, Will needs twelve members to compete in Sectionals. Sue offers Will a list of students in the Special Education department that would be interested in joining New Directions, because she feels that no one is going to want to join Will's "Island of Misfit Toys." She warms him to "euthanize" the Glee Club, but Will does not back down and confidently says that New Directions will show at Regionals.

Rachel is at her locker, listening in on Quinn complaining to Finn about him being in Glee Club and mentions that he is risking her popularity just so he can express himself. Finn tells her she is making too big of a deal out of this, and Quinn offers to let him touch her breast (under the shirt, over the bra) if he quits Glee Club. Finn declines, much to Quinn's dismay, and he leaves for class. Quinn then catches Rachel eavesdropping and tells her that she will never have Finn. Rachel then counters that she is an honorable person and every day, her status in Glee Club is going up while Quinn's status as head cheerleader is going down. Immediately after, she is hit in the face by two slushies, compliments of Puck and his friend. Sm03 Quinn laughing at Rachel for getting hit by the slushie The Glee Club is practicing Le Freak in the choir room, which does not go very well. The students complain that the song selection is terrible, with Kurt deeming it "really gay." Artie suggests that they sing more modern music, but Will dismisses this and tells them that they need to sing this at their school assembly so they can attract more people to join Glee Club.

Will and Terri are with their realtor to find their dream home. Will mentions in a voice-over that all this started during brunch with Terri's sister, Kendra, Kendra's husband Phil, and their unruly children. When Kendra asks where they're going to put the baby's crib, Will suggests Terri's craft room, to which Kendra tells Terri to not give it up as it'll keep her from going "Susan Smith" on her baby. Kendra then tells her to buy a house in her subdivision, as she will not allow her niece or nephew to be brought back to Will's apartment. While searching through a house that Terri loves, Will learns that the price is way too high. Terri shows him a little girl's room where their daughter or gay son would sleep. She tells him that she was hoping that Will could put in a piano and on shows with their baby, which hits Will's sweet spot. Will is hesitant, but with a little more of Terri's manipulation, he agrees to sign the papers, much to Terri's delight. Kurt and Mercedes are having a friendly spat while Rachel watches Finn tie his shoes from afar when Will enters the choir room with some sheet music from a Kanye West song. The kids get excited, but are disappointed that it won't be for the assembly and would still perform disco. Artie tells Will that they really don't want to do disco, but Will ignores him and instead tells Finn that he'll be on lead. Finn declines, saying he's still learning how to walk and sing at the same time, so Will offers to step in his place. Mercedes, Will, and Artie lead Gold Digger as a cutaway scene is shown of Terri and Kendra taking measurements of the new house Will and Terri are planning to buy.

Emma catches Rachel attempting to throw up in the girl's bathroom and asks her to join her in her office for a little chat. Emma hands Rachel a pamphlet about overcoming bulimia and then informs her the dangers of the disease. Rachel tells her that she tried it and failed and would never do it again. When Emma asks her what led up to her doing that, Rachel mentions that she wants to be thinner and prettier like Quinn. She then asks Emma if she ever locked herself in a room, turned on sad music and cry, to which Emma answers no. However, in cutaway scene, we see Emma crying and singing along to Eric Carmen's All by Myself. Emma then talks about crushes and tells Rachel to protect her heart. She then asks Rachel if she's ever talked to the boy she likes, but Rachel answers that he doesn't notice her. Emma advises her to find some common ground and show him a side of Rachel that he wouldn't have expected, to which Rachel smiles and nods in agreement.

Sue brings Will, Rachel, and Finn into Principal Figgins' office after she caught Rachel and Finn printing out posters using the copy machine that is specifically used for the Cheerios. Sue demands punishment but Will offers a compromise that they simply pay for the photo copies and Figgins lets them off with a warning, much to Sue's chagrin. Figgins also orders Sue to clean up the mess she made after catching the two Glee Club members. Finn apologizes to Will, but Rachel informs him that she'd like the fliers up before lunch. Will says doesn't want to hear it and tells her that they're still singing Le Freak. Rachel tells him that Glee Club will kill any chance the Glee Club has, but Will still does not listen and tells her that sometimes they have to do things they don't want to do. Finn blanches that he'll be dead after the assembly, but Rachel reassures him that he is talented. She then offers to practice for the assembly at her house, but he declines, saying he has a Celibacy Club meeting. Will and Terri are bathing together and he informs her that he has bad news. He says he's having trouble finding a second job, which upsets Terri. Will tries to comfort her but Terri angrily tells him that she wants her dream home. She gets out of the tub and asks when will they catch a break before leaving. Later, Will finds Figgins cleaning up the smoothie mess that Sue was supposed to clean but tells him that Sue got a note from the school nurse saying that her lupus prevents her from bending over. An idea popping into his head, Will offers to take one of the janitorial positions at half salary, which Figgins happily agrees to.

At the Celibacy Club meeting, Quinn begrudgingly allows Rachel to join the club and introduces her to the Cheerios. Rachel asks where the boys are, in which Quinn tells her that they are in the other room and that they'll join together after a half hour to share their faith. In the next room, the football team, including Finn and Puck, are sitting around, looking very bored, and a nerdy student, Jacob Ben Israel, talks about his uncontrollable hormones. Puck then makes a lewd comment about Santana and we cut to Santana twirling in her Cheerios skirt. Quinn comments, "God Bless the perv who invented these," and laughs with the girls that it's "all about the teasing, and not about the pleasing," while Rachel, alone, looks on. A football player asks Finn how far Quinn lets him get and Finn answers that they grind when they make out. Jacob then asks how he keeps from "ejaculation arriving early" and Finn comments that it's not a problem for him. In a voice-over, Finn reveals that it is actually a problem and that the only image that helps him from ejaculating prematurely is a memory of him learning how to drive with his mother and subsequently hitting a mailman. Back to Celibacy Club, Quinn is blowing up balloons for the guys and girls to put between them while they grind against each other and reminds them that the popping "makes the angels cry." Rachel is paired with an eager Jacob, much to her disgust, and Finn accidentally pops the balloon. Rachel then blurts out that this method is ridiculous and says that celibacy doesn't work in high school. She also mentions that the way to tackle their hormones is to be prepared and use contraception. This enrages Quinn, who warns her not to use the "C" word, and Rachel tells everyone that girls want sex just as much as guys do. She then storms off. Emma finds Will scraping gum from under the desk and Will tries to deny that he's a janitor. He tells Emma that he's struggling to make ends meet and he's really embarrassed and asks her not to tell anyone. She tells him that she won't say a word and offers her assistance. Will initially declines, but Emma's efficient cleaning skills impress him. While cleaning, Emma mentions that he admires Will getting a second job. Will then tells her that he wants to help her with her problem, since she's been so helpful to him. Emma denies that she has one, but Will looks at her knowingly and Emma reveals that she developed her OCD when she was a little girl and visited a dairy farm where her brother pushed her into the run-off lagoon. Will then puts some chalk dust on his thumb and rubs it on Emma's nose, to help her overcome her OCD. He rubs it off her nose after ten seconds and Emma says it's a new record. She then says that she has to leave and exits the room. From outside the classroom, Ken is watching them with a hint of jealousy.

Rachel calls a Glee Club meeting in the gymnasium and proposes that they change the song by giving the school what they want: sex. Later at the school assembly, Will makes a speech that the Glee Club needs recruits and then introduces the New Directions. The New Directions come out and perform a very provocative performance of Salt-N-Pepa's Push It. While Emma and Figgins get into the performance, Will and Sue look on with disappointment and shock, respectively.

Will is brought into Figgins' office with Sue and Will learns that parents have complained over the performance. Sue demands for Will to resign from the school and for Glee Club to disband. Figgins, however, disagrees because he feels the kids are talented and had never seen the student body so excited since Tiffany performed at the North Hills Mall. He gives Will a list of pre-approved songs that are family-friendly and that reflect the community's values, which are basically songs with either "Jesus" or "balloons" in the title. Figgins says that he's cutting the Cheerios' dry-cleaning budget to pay for new costumes for Glee Club, which angers Sue. Rachel tries to apologize to Will, but he angrily tells her that she may have ruined the Glee Club's chances for new members and gives her the pre-approved song list. Will says he understands why she did what she did, but says he didn't like the way she did it. Emma is eating her lunch in the teacher's lounge when Ken comes by with a ticket to a tulip festival, but Emma declines, citing asthma. Ken asks her why she's chasing a married guy. He then tells her that she shouldn't be the rebounder and mentions that he is a good man and he'll treat her right. He says that she could do a lot worse and she won't get much better than him in this town. He then leaves her in her thoughts. Rachel and Finn are practicing in the auditorium and they decide to take a break from practicing. Rachel reveals that she has set up a picnic for the two of them for lunch. Rachel asks him why he came to her for help for his singing and Finn mentions he wants to be good because she's good. Finn tells her that he thought she was crazy but then heard her sing and says that it touched something inside his heart. He tells her that she's cool and Rachel offers him a virgin Cosmopolitan. They make a toast and Finn rubs some of the juice off her lip. Rachel tells him that he can kiss her if he wants to and he says he wants to. He gets on top of her and they start to kiss. Suddenly, Finn starts to ejaculate prematurely and says he has to leave.

Terri is at the gynecologist's office where she is getting her first sonogram and the doctor informs her that she is having a hysterical pregnancy, leaving Terri in shock. Will is in the choir room with Quinn, Santana and another Cheerio, Brittany Pierce, who have all come to audition for the New Directions. Will is suspicious but Quinn tells him that since Finn is in Glee Club that she wants to join to show that she is a good girlfriend. Will then allows them to audition and they sing a tongue-in-cheek rendition of I Say a Little Prayer. Sue confronts Quinn, Santana, and Brittany for joining the Glee Club and Quinn tells her that she is worried that something is going on between Rachel and Finn, and begs Sue not to kick them off the Cheerios. Sue then tells her that Quinn reminds her of a younger version of herself (without the bone structure) and Sue then tells her that she's going to make them her spies to help take down the Glee Club, which the girls happily agree to. Emma is cleaning a water fountain and Will comes by and asks if she wants to join him for another cleaning session. Emma declines and tells him that she's going to Tuli-palooza with Ken. She then leaves him disappointed.

Will goes home to find that Terri has cooked for him and he gratefully mentions that family is important to him. Terri tells him that she went to the gynecologist and impulsively lies to him that they're having a boy. She then tells Will to quit his second job and turn her craft room into the baby's nursery. She tells him that the only project he wants him to work on is their message and they hug it out. At school, Will tells Rachel that he is giving Quinn the solo because of her deception, leaving Rachel disappointed. Rachel says that he's punishing her, but Will counters that things aren't always about her. He also says that he screwed up as well because he should've never pushed disco so hard. He says that glee is supposed to be about having fun. He tells her that she's not always going to be the star. Rachel asks if she can use the auditorium to practice since her neighbors are filing a lawsuit for her excessive singing, and Will agrees. Rachel sings Take a Bow in the auditorium with Mercedes and Tina backing her up and we see her in a cutaway scene, staring longingly at Finn as he dotes on Quinn. (Source)
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Quinn in the episode
Quinn joins the glee club with Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez (also known as the Unholy Trinity) to spy on Finn, impressing Mr. Schuester with their song. She is upset when explaining to her cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester, as to why she had joined. However, instead of being angry, Sue orders Quinn, Brittany, and Santana to be inside spies on the Glee club to help her bring it down, to which Quinn agrees. They audition with I Say a Little Prayer, with Quinn singing lead vocals.
Episode Quotes
[SANTANA and QUINN appear at the top of the stairs where EMMA and WILL are talking and walk by. SANTANA rolls her eyes.]
SANTANA: (sardonically) Get a room.
QUINN: Ms. Sylvester wants to see you in her office, Mr. Shue. She doesn’t like to be kept waiting.
WILL: You got it.

QUINN: We are in line to be the most popular kids in the school over the next couple years.
FINN: Yeah, I know.
QUINN: Prom king and queen. Homecoming court royalty. I am not giving up those shiny crowns just so you can express yourself.
FINN: Look, you’re making too big a deal out of this.
[RACHEL closes her mirror and settles for listening intently.]
QUINN: Okay. Let’s compromise. If you quit the club, I’ll let you touch my breast.
FINN: Under the shirt?
QUINN: Over the bra.
[FINN pauses, momentarily conflicted.]
FINN: No. No, I can’t.
[QUINN scoffs.]
FINN: I want to do Glee. I’m really happy when I’m performing.
QUINN: People think you’re gay now, Finn. And you know what that makes me? Your big gay beard.
FINN: Look. I- I gotta go to class. Okay? Just relax. Everything’s gonna work out.
[FINN closes his locker and exits.]
QUINN: (To RACHEL) Eavesdrop much? Time for some girl talk, man hands. You can dance with him. You can sing with him. But you will never have him.

[QUINN and a group of other Cheerios are sitting at a long table on one side of the room. RACHEL is sitting alone opposite them. QUINN strikes a gavel against a sound board three times.]
QUINN: The Celibacy Club is now in session. Thanks to a school rule that says we have to let anyone join the club, we’re welcoming a new member this week- Rachel What’s-her-name.
RACHEL: Where are all the boys?
QUINN: Down the hall. First half hour we separate, then we come together to share our faith.

[SANTANA twirls around at the center of the room, her Cheerios skirt flaring up to show her spanks.]
QUINN: God bless the perv that invented these. Remember the power motto, girls.
ALL: It’s all about the teasing, and not about the pleasing. Oh!

QUINN: Let’s pair up for the “Immaculate Affection.” Now, remember. If the balloon pops, the noise makes the angels cry.

WILL: I have to say, I’m really surprised you guys are trying out.
QUINN: I’m sure you’ve read about this in the school paper. Finn and I have been an item for a while now. So what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t support him?
WILL: Well, let’s see what you’ve got.

SUE: Let me get this straight. You’re joining Glee Club?
QUINN: I’m sorry, Coach Sylvester, but something is going on between Finn and that thing. You saw how it was undressing him with its eyes. Please don’t kick us off the Cheerios.
SUE: [snaps fingers] Cease fire on the waterworks. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to see it. You know, Q, when I first laid eyes on you I was reminded of a young Sue Sylvester, though you don’t have my bone structure. But it wasn’t until this very moment I saw how alike we really are. You three are going to be my spies. I need eyes on the inside. We’re going to bring this club down from within.
[BRITTANY and SANTANA high five behind QUINN.]
QUINN: And I’m gonna get my boyfriend back.
SUE: I don’t care so much about that.
Songs Performed
Gold Digger (Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx): Will Schuester and New Directions
Push It (Salt-n-Pepa): New Directions
I Say a Little Prayer (Dionne Warwick): Quinn Fabray with Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez
Take a Bow (Rihanna): Rachel Berry with Mercedes Jones and Tina Cohen-Chang

Showmance showed Dianna's first solo performance on the show, singing "I Say a Little Prayer" by Dionne Warwick for Quinn's Glee Club audition with Brittany and Santana. You can watch her full performance below:

» Heather Morris, who plays Brittany, originally came to Glee to teach the cast choreography but was liked by the producers so they wrote a character for her.

» On a rare occurrence, this episode coincidentally aired on 09/09/2009.

» Quinn mentions to Will that he should know that her and Finn were dating from the school newspaper. However, in Rumours, Terri says that the school newspaper was discontinued two years previous, a year before the events of Showmance.
Episode Clips
1x03: Acafellas
Episode title: Acafellas
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Directed by: John Scott
Original air date:
US Viewers: 6.69 Millions
Episode number overall: 3
Will forms an all-male a cappella group called the "Acafellas", neglecting the glee club in favor of dedicating his time to the new endeavor. After two of its members quit, glee club member Finn and his best friend Puck (Mark Salling) join. The group records an album and performs at the school PTA meeting in front of celebrity guest Josh Groban, but Will ultimately recommits to New Directions. In his absence, the club members struggle with choreography, and resist attempts at sabotage by members of the cheer squad. They briefly hire well-known choreographer Dakota Stanley, but fire him when he belittles their appearances and abilities. Mercedes harbors romantic feelings for Kurt, who comes out to her as gay.
Will and Terri are enjoying a dinner that Terri made with Will's parents when an elated Will decides to spill the news that Terri is pregnant, much to Terri's shock as she and Will agreed that they were going to wait. Will's parents are overjoyed to hear this news and promise to not say a word to anyone just yet. While Terri shows Mrs. Schuester to crafts room that they are going to turn into the nursery, Mr. Schuester decides to have a pep talk with Will about what it would be like to have a child and talk about what could have been, leading to Will to contemplate if he can really give up his life for his child.

At McKinley, Will is teaching a dance number to the New Directions, which not all of them are very into. Eventually, Rachel speaks up about the choreography. It's later revealed that Quinn and Santana have been planting seeds in Rachel's head in an attempt to cause chaos within the Glee Club. Rachel then suggests that in order for them to beat their show choir rivals, Vocal Adrenaline, they need to hire Dakota Stanley, the best choreographer in the Midwest. Will challenges that Dakota has never performed professionally when Quinn counters if Will has ever performed or even tried. This leads to Will going to Emma for advice where Emma tells him that Will needs guts. Will then asks Emma how her relationship with Ken is going, and she tells him that things are going good and that despite his flaws, Ken has confidence and she quips that confidence is sexy.

Will meets up with Sandy and Ken in the teacher's lounge where they're preparing to surprise their friend, Henri St. Pierre, with a "welcome back" cake after he accidentally cut off his thumbs from taking too much cough medicine. Terri's bumbling assistant, Howard, enters in Terri's absence since Terri had to take inventory on account that Howard cannot count higher than thirty and presents Henri with a tongue-in-cheek cake that reads "two thumbs up", complete with thumb-shaped cakes. While they eat the cake, Will mentions that it's nice to hang with the guys and they all vent about their problems. After Henri reminds them that he does not have thumbs, they decide to cheer him up by singing For He's a Jolly Good Fellow. Will then comments about how well they all sounded together.

Will later invites Ken, Howard and Henri to his house to practice This Is How We Do It and come up with a name for their new singing a cappella group, Acafellas. Sandy comes by to join them but Will declines, saying that with him on the team, it's "creepy". An irrate Terri comes out and tells Will that if she doesn't get sleep, she could miscarry. Will apologizes and says he'll be right in, to which Terri seductively says "I hope so", leading Will to kick out the guys so he and Terri can have sex. However, it's revealed that Terri has been having sex with Will once a week to see if she can actually get pregnant. Rachel enters the choir room with a plate of "I'm Sorry" cookies and comments that Will is not coming to rehearsals. Finn asks her what happened and Rachel explains that she went to Will with the cookies to apologize for being so hard on him. However, Will states that if she hadn't been so hard on him, he wouldn't have had the guts to start Acafellas. Rachel reminds him that he has missed glee rehearsals six times and when he does show up, he's "not all there". Will then says that Rachel should hire Dakota Stanley. A frustrated Finn tells Rachel that Will doesn't want to come back because Rachel "kicked him in the nads" but Santana reminds them that goal is to win and that they will win with Dakota. Finn disagrees and still blames Rachel. Quinn then comes up and initiates a vote for hiring Dakota Stanley, in which all but Finn vote for.

Finn confronts Rachel in the outside and tells him that she can't replace Mr. Schuester but Rachel tells him that Dakota is the right way to go. Finn still does not understand why and Rachel tells him that glee is her one shot at making her high school life meaningful while Finn has a lot more to brag about. Finn stops her and asks her if she is really mad about the choreography and questions if she's actually mad about the incident in the auditorium, when Finn ran away from her after sharing a kiss and him ejaculating prematurely. Rachel denies this and says she's moved on. Rachel then tells him that what she and Finn had was real and that Finn doesn't have the guts to admit it. Rachel says she's still going to hire Dakota Stanley, even if that means Finn quitting.

Quinn and Santana update Sue on their progress in sabotaging the Glee Club. Santana mentions that Will barely shows up for rehearsals, but Sue is unsatisfied and says that she will not be happy until New Directions are disbanded. Sue mentions that they need to go after the Glee Clubbers one by one, so she can restore her budget.

Mercedes is leaning against the lockers with a look of longing, watching the other students make-out in the hallways, including Puck and Santana. She then asks Kurt as he comes by his locker if he has ever kissed anyone and he answers no, but he wants to. Noticing her staring at Puck and Santana, Kurt reminds her that they are in Glee Club and that they are on the bottom of the social heap but that the only thing that gets him by is the knowledge that he and Mercedes are superior to the popular kids. Kurt then takes her by the arm and they walk down the hall together. He asks her what she is wearing for their "Operation: Dakota Stanley" field trip and makes a date with her to go to the mall to pick out an outfit, leaving a blushing Mercedes. Quinn and Santana notice this and eggs Mercedes to ask out Kurt.

At Benchwarmers, a sports bar, the Acafellas perform Poison for an audience that includes Terri, Emma, Will's parents and Principal Figgins. Their performance is met with applause, where Emma claps excitedly but pretends that she is applauding Ken to hide the fact that she was really eyeing Will, though Terri seems to have noticed this. Will's parents congratulate him on his successful performance and Figgins invites Will's band to sing at the next PTA meeting so the parents can be happy since they found out Figgins had been serving the students prison food.

Will reads a rave review in the newspaper of their performance, in which each of the band members are praised (except Howard, whom Will leaves out to spare him the grief). Sandy comes by the teacher's lounge and demands that he joins the group. Before Will can say no, he tells him that he got singer-songwriter Josh Groban to come to the PTA meeting and says that he will only be happy with Acafellas if Sandy were in it. Despite this, Will still tells him no and states that they have standards. Sandy then mentions a rumor on blogs and Twitter that Josh Groban is looking for an opening act, which instantly gets the group's attention.

Kurt and the girls stop by Carmel High where Vocal Adrenaline is practicing to recruit Dakota. Along the way, Rachel and Tina begin to notice Mercedes' clingy behavior towards Kurt. However, Quinn, Santana and Brittany egg Mercedes on to ask Kurt out, to which Kurt invites her to come over to his house for Liza Minnelli week. Before Mercedes can answer, Rachel spots two Vocal Adrenaline members, Andrea Cohen and Shoshandra, by a trash bin where one of them, Andrea, is throwing up. Rachel reveals that Andrea had won the award last year for Outstanding Soloist. She then proceeds to ask them if she could talk to Dakota about choreographing their Glee Club. However, a distraught Andrea warns them that he is a monster.

Inside Carmel's auditorium, Vocal Adrenaline is performing a very intricate and very well-choreographed performance of Mercy. A very dissatisfied Dakota Stanley screams for them to get off his stage, leaving the New Directions very intimidated. As Dakota gets into his car and prepares to leave, Rachel and Tina plead for him to choreograph for them, to which Dakota replies that his fee is $8,000 to choreograph plus an additional $10,000 bonus if they place in the Top 3 at Nationals. He then drives off, leaving Rachel to ask how they're going to raise the money.

Ken and Will are practicing steps in the choir room, which isn't going very successful. Will then gets a call from Howard, who tells him that he can't be in the band any more. Emma comes by to tell them that the pressure of Acafellas may have been too much for Henri, who has been hospitalized for downing six bottles of cough medicine. She tells them that before he can return to work, he has to go to rehab, thus leaving Acafellas with just two members. Ken leaves to work out and figure out a solution, leaving a down-trodden Will who believes that Acafellas is over. Emma then offers words of encouragement, to which Will takes to heart. Finn meets Will in his classroom to tell him that he is quitting glee as well. Will tells him that he hasn't quit glee, but Finn says that he might as well have and mentions that things are getting out of hand. He then mentions that he's been getting bullied a lot by his football teammates. Will tells him to have the guts to stay with glee. Finn then tells him that glee is not fun anymore and prepares to leave. Will gets an idea and stops him to ask him something.

In the lockerroom, Puck approaches Ken to ask him if he could join Acafellas. In a voice-over, Puck reveals that he and Santana had broken-up and that he is moving on from high school girls to cougars. It's then revealed that he runs his own pool-cleaning business and has been sleeping with several older women. Puck intends to join Acafellas so he can score more action from the moms at the PTA meeting. A suspicious Ken warns him that his love life is on the line and threatens Puck if he screws it up for him. He then tells Puck the rehearsal schedule. During a rehearsal with Will, Puck and Finn have a disastrous time learning the choreography, mostly due to Finn's horrible dancing. Will then gives them a pep talk on how to learn the steps by comparing the routine to baseball. They then continue to the rehearsal and successful get the steps right. Rachel and Tina confront Mercedes with a "gayvention" about her crush on Kurt, to which they imply that he is gay. A cynical Mercedes refuses to believe it, defending that just because Kurt wears nice clothes, it doesn't mean he's "on the down low". Tina tells Mercedes that she can do better, but Mercedes reminds them that nobody notices them and that she's tired of being lonely. She mentions that she feels good around Kurt and likes how he makes her feel. She tells them that that may not be enough for them, but it's good enough for her. The Glee Club holds a car wash to raise money for Dakota Stanley and is surprisingly assisted by the Cheerios. Emma comments that it was nice of Sue to get the Cheerios to help out the New Directions, to which she comments she'll do whatever it takes to help make Glee Club successful, though it's clear that this is a lie. Kurt is washing his car with Mercedes and invites her to come to a sing-a-long to The Sound of Music. Mercedes then asks him if they can make it official that they are dating, which surprises Kurt. He then tells her that he is in love with someone else and looks over at Finn. Mercedes mistakenly believes that Kurt was looking at Rachel and to cover up the fact that he is gay, he lies to her that he has been in love with Rachel for several years. A jilted Mercedes angrily takes a rock and throws it at Kurt's windshield. She then imagines herself singing Bust Your Windows with the Cheerios to express her hurt and anger. Kurt then cries that she busted his window, to which she replies that he busted her heart.

Having successfully raised the money, the New Directions are then given special menus so they can improve their metabolism. Dakota then kicks Artie out of the club because he is in a wheelchair and wheeling him around throws off the dynamic. He also kicks Mercedes out, most likely because she is overweight, to which Kurt steps into her defense. Dakota then compliments that Quinn, Santana and Brittany are "perfect" and don't need menus. After successfully insulting the Glee Club, he then asks them if they wanted someone who was going to respect them enough to tell them the ugly truth or have someone who lies to them. Finn decides to quit the club and Tina, Mercedes, Artie and Kurt follow suit. Before they leave, Rachel then asks them to wait and tells them the story of Barbra Streisand, who refused to get a nose job when she got into show business. She then tells Dakota that New Directions does not need him and fires him. The Acafellas are preparing for their big show at the PTA meeting. Finn thanks Will for believing in him. Sandy runs in and informs them that Josh Groban is in the audience, much to the surprise of Will. The Acafellas go out on stage and sing a rather inappropriate performance I Wanna Sex You Up in front of the PTA, which ends up being a rousing success. In the audience, Terri again becomes suspicious of Emma's excitement over the performance.

Josh Groban comes backstage and meets the Acafellas. As it turns out, he came to the performance to give Sandy a restraining order after sending him inappropriate gifts such as nude photos, sonnets and edible gift baskets. He congratulates the Acafellas on their performance and leaves. Terri apologizes to Will for not being supportive and for the incident with Sandy and Josh. She mentions that they were actually really good, him especially. Will's father meets up with them and asks them if they've seen Will's mother. As it turns out, Mrs. Schuester is being seduced by Josh Groban in the same manner as how Puck seduces cougars. Will and his father decide to have a talk about how Will feels and Will says that he's happy as a teacher. Will's father mentions that he inspires people, particularly himself. He also mentions that he's registered for law school and tells him that it's never too late to grow a pair and go after your dreams. They happily hug each other. Mercedes meets Kurt by his locker the next day to apologize for breaking his windshield. Kurt tells her it's okay since his father took away his car because he found Kurt's tiara collection. Mercedes then tells Kurt that she hopes things work out between him and Rachel. As she walks away, Kurt stops her and reveals to her that he has lied to her and officially comes out that he is gay. Mercedes asked why he never told her and he reveals that he's never told anyone. Mercedes tells him to never be ashamed of who he is and to just tell people, especially to the kids in glee. She notes that the whole point of glee is to express what's really inside. Kurt says he's not confident yet.

Having been informed of the Glee Club's comeback from their slump from Quinn and Santana, a dissatisfied Sue revokes Quinn and Santana's tanning privileges, leaving Santana in tears. Before she leaves, Quinn thanks Sue for teaching her a valuable life lesson: that when you really believe in yourself, you don't have to bring other people down. The episode ends with Will teaching the kids a new routine in which Rachel mentions that it was really good. (Source)
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Quinn in the episode
Quinn and Santana try to disband the club by getting Rachel to insult Mr. Schue's dance routines, resulting in them hiring the arrogant but talented Dakota Stanley. She is then seen washing cars in their attempt to earn the money and they later hire him. When he fails to break the glee club, Quinn and Santana are punished by Sue who suspends their tanning privileges, which makes Santana burst into tears. Remembering how Rachel stood up to Dakota, Quinn comes to understand that self-confidence doesn't necessarily involve putting other people down and confronts Sue about it.
Episode Quotes
QUINN: It sucks.
SANTANA: It’s completely unoriginal.
RACHEL: Are you guys going to get shunned for talking to me?
QUINN: Sweetie, we’re a team now. But you’ve got to do something about Mr. Shue’s dance routines.

QUINN: He’s the best show choir choreographer in the midwest. He works with Vocal Adrenaline.
SANTANA: You can’t take regionals without him. He was the understudy to the candelabra in beauty and the beast on broadway.
WILL: Just because he understudied doesn’t mean he ever performed.
QUINN: Did you ever perform, Mr. Schuester? After high school. Did you even try?

SUE: It’s a good start. You’re sewing the seeds of destruction.
QUINN: Mr. Schuester barely even shows up for rehearsals.
SUE: Oh, no, no, no. “Barely” will not cut it. I will not be satisfied until glee club is disbanded. And what about this Dakota character? Any chance he actually helps?
QUINN: They’re soft. He’ll eat them alive. I give them 15 minutes before the first one quits or tries to commit suicide.
SUE: You know, ladies I learned a lot in special forces. I was on the strike team in Panama when we extracted Noriega. We took out the shepherd Then we went after the sheep. You need to go after these glee clubbers one by one. I want my full budget restored. I need a fog machine.

QUINN: Ms. Sylvester, I want to thank you.
SUE: For what?
QUINN: For teaching me a valuable life lesson. When you really believe in yourself, you don’t have to bring other people down.
Songs Performed
Quinn did not perform any songs in this episode.

Mercy (Duffy): Vocal Adrenaline
Bust Your Windows (Jazmine Sullivan): Mercedes Jones with the Cheerios
I Wanna Sex You Up (Color Me Badd): Acafellas
» When talking to Will about famous people, Emma mentions John Stamos. Stamos would later make an appearance in Season Two as dentist Carl Howell, whom Emma would marry and later divorce.

» Mr Schuster's father talks about wanting to be a lawyer and going to law school. Victor Gerber, who plays the character, was a law teacher in Legally Blonde (2001).

» Cheyenne Jackson was originally cast as Dakota Stanley, but was replaced at the last minute when he came down with the 'flu. He would later appear in the show's second season as the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline.

» Jeremy Hudson, a dancer for Lady Gaga, appears as a Vocal Adrenaline dancer during Mercy. He is a friend of Heather Morris.
Episode Clips
1x04: Preggers
Episode title: Preggers
Written by: Brad Falchuk
Directed by: Brad Falchuk
Original air date: September 23, 2009
US Viewers: 6.63 Millions
Episode number overall: 4
Kurt joins the football team and admits his homosexuality to his father, Burt, who accepts him for who he is. Quinn discovers she is pregnant and tells Finn the baby is his, when in fact the father is his best friend, Puck. Finn asks Will to teach the football team to dance, hoping to improve their performance and thus his chance of receiving a football scholarship. Puck, Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.), and Matt Rutherford all join the glee club after the football team's win dancing to "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)". This makes them a group of twelve and eligible to compete, but Sue and former glee club director Sandy Ryerson team up in an effort to bring the club down, luring away a disillusioned Rachel, who quits when Will awards a solo she wanted to Tina.
The episode begins with Kurt recording a video of him dancing to Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) with Brittany and Tina, complete with a black unitard. The music is turned off halfway through the performance by Kurt's father, Burt. Burt questions a stunned Kurt about what he's doing and Kurt lies by saying that he is doing a new kind of exercise. Tina backs him up by saying that it's for football, and Brittany tells Burt that Kurt's on the football team as the kicker, much to Kurt's dismay. A suspicious Burt buys the story and asks Brittany and Tina if either of them are Kurt's girlfriend, to which Kurt tells Burt that he and Tina are "non-exclusive," having not told Burt that he is actually gay. Accepting the story, Burt allows them to continue with their "exercise," but not before he tells Kurt to get him a ticket to his first game, leaving Kurt with a problem.

Terri is practicing Lamaze breathing with Will and her sister, Kendra. Kendra offers to show Will how to rub gas bubbles off Terri's stomach, but Terri tells them he can't because she's afraid he'll bruise the baby. When Will leaves to make Kendra and Terri BLT sandwiches, Terri reveals to Kendra that she is actually not pregnant. An emotional Terri reveals she lied because she thought the baby was the only thing keeping Will in their marriage and says she is going to tell Will the truth. Conniving Kendra stops her and tells her that dishonesty is what keeps the marriage secure and manipulates Terri to have her keep lying. When Terri asks her what they're going to do about the baby situation, Kendra assures her that they're going to have to find Terri a baby. Will walks into the teacher's lounge for lunch and spots Emma and Ken, but doesn't want to disturb them so he opts to find another spot. Since the place is packed, he gives in and joins them. Emma mentions that she was watching the local news the other day and says she saw Sue on the news channel with her very own segment, Sue's Corner. Will is in disbelief and questions why they'd give Sue her own segment only to be answered by Sue herself. Sue takes this time to brag about how great the ratings are, to which Will, Emma and Ken are not impressed.

At rehearsals, Will is passing out sheet music for a song from the musical West Side Story. Rachel then notices that it's not in her key and Will explains that Tina will be singing the solo. Rachel does not take kindly to this and tells Will that she had made it clear that she's to claim all songs from West Side Story because she has a deep, personal connection with the lead character, Maria. She accuses Will of punishing her for all the trouble she's caused, but Will tells her that is not the case and says that she's being irrational. Rachel tells him that he's being unfair. Will then tells her that she's being unfair to Tina, but Rachel still does not listen and tells Will that Tina knows Rachel respects her and would agree that she's not ready to sing the role of Maria. Frustrated, Rachel storms out. Kurt asks Finn for a favor. On the football field, Finn gives Kurt advice on how to try-out for kicker. Kurt wants to warm-up with his dance music, but Finn warns him that it's not a good idea. Puck comes along and tells Finn that Kurt doesn't belong there. Ken calls in the football team for a huddle and ultimately fires their current kicker, giving Kurt the opportunity to "audition for the role of kicker." Despite the cynicism and laughs from the football team and Ken, Kurt manages to kick the ball perfectly between the goal post and Ken excitedly puts him on the team.

Sue is visited by Mr. McClung, the station manager for WOHN-TV, who has fan mail for her. He tells Sue that he's concerned about her future because his daughter, who is a student at McKinley, has been telling him that a lot of the Cheerios have been defecting to the New Directions. He questions how Sue can win a National championship when she's losing all that talent. Finn meets up with Quinn, who is visibly upset, at her locker and asks her why she's giving him the silent treatment. Quinn then sobbingly reveals that she is pregnant with his child. Finn is confused as they had never had sex before, but Quinn reminds him of the time he prematurely ejaculated while they were making out in a hot tub and he accepts the story. Finn starts freaking out as Quinn cries into his shoulder. Sue visits Sandy at his house where he tells Sue that he's completely happy with his unemployment life. Sue, however, sees through this and Sandy sobs that he's miserable. Sue then offers Sandy the school's arts administrator and full control over the arts programs. Sandy thinks it's impossible because Figgins wouldn't allow it, but Sue has already blackmailed him with an embarrassing, flight safety video. Sue then plots with Sandy about taking down glee club by stealing Rachel away. Sue then suggests having her audition for the school musical.

Rachel excitedly auditions for Cabaret with Taking Chances and Sandy tells her she has gotten the role of Sally Bowles. Will is furious about this and believes that Sue is behind this, but Sue deflects the accusation that she is trying to show that everyone is a star. Sandy tells Will that he tried to play nice, but if Will wants to be enemies, then he'll have no choice but to oblige. Rachel informs Will that she is taking the opportunity to showcase her talents and accuses Will of not liking her. She then tells Will that she is hurt that she is being judged for her faults and not her talent. She says she's not quitting glee, but is just looking for a reason to say. She believes that everyone but her is getting something out of the experience. Tina is rehearsing Tonight in the auditorium with Will, but is sharp in the last key. Will tells her she was great, but she doesn't think she can pull it off. Will points out the more confident she is, the less she stutters. Tina tells Will that he has to give this song to Rachel because she's better than her and that she'll take one for the team. She leaves as Finn walks in, who then cries into Will's shoulder.

Finn explains to Will at a restaurant that Quinn is pregnant and seeks advice. Finn says that he doesn't want to be one of the guys that's caged in Lima and wants to go to college, but he doesn't have any money. He says he needs a football scholarship, but the team needs to start winning. Finn asks Will to teach the team how to dance, as he believes that the team needs to loosen up more. Will is hesitant, but Finn tells him that if he can talk the guys into it, more guys would be interested in joining. Later that night, Will tells Terri about Finn and Quinn's situation and this gives Terri an idea. Puck and the football team are displeased to hear the idea of learning the Single Ladies dance in order to better their focus. Will and Kurt try to motivate the team to go through with it and gets the support of Ken, who orders the boys to the choir room where Will and Kurt teach them the dance. Puck is the only one during rehearsal who is not interested in taking part. Seeing how ridiculous all of this looks, Ken ends practice early and tells the boys to hit the showers. Puck notices that there's something on Finn's mind and questions him about it. Although hesitant at first, Finn reveals that Quinn is pregnant and is keeping the baby, leaving Puck shocked. Quinn is later confronted by Puck, who calls her a MILF. Quinn angrily tells him to leave, but Puck continues to harrass her with questions on who the father was, revealing that he and Quinn had sex. He tells her that he knows Finn isn't the father because Finn would've told Puck when he had sex. Puck tells her that he's not a deadbeat like his father and wants to help, but Quinn rebuffs him, calling him a "Lima loser." Quinn runs to her car in the rain, sobbing about her entire situation. She is then greeted by Terri, who gives her advice on handling her pregnancy in exchange for Quinn's baby.

On the night of the big game, in which Will and Emma are seen attending, Finn brings the team into a huddle for a pep talk, but gets a negative reception by Puck about how their teams has turned into a team of "dancing gays." As the game begins, the opposing team starts to heckle the Titans and successfully tackles Finn on the first down. Eventually, the opposing team lead the game six to zero. Burt takes his seat in the audience and Kurt excitedly waves at him, leaving Burt slightly embarrassed. The Titans still try to take control of the game, but are still unsuccessful and the opposing team still leads by the last few seconds of the fourth quarter. At the last second, Finn calls a time-out and tells the team that they have to do the dance practiced. Puck warns him that they'll be jokes for the rest of their lives, but Finn tells him that they're already jokes. One of the players from the opposing team continues to heckle and Puck strikes back by telling him he had sex with his mother, and finally agrees.

Finn calls the play and the team does the Single Ladies dance in front of the entire crowd, confusing the opposing team. By the time they finish the dance, the team hikes and Finn throws the ball to Puck who manages to score a touchdown in the end zone, tying up the game. The crowd roars with cheers with Emma and Will having a moment by hugging each other. Ken tells Kurt that if he makes the winning goal, he'll die a legend. Kurt runs into the field and prepares himself with the Single Ladies warm-up he's been practicing and manages to score the goal, winning the game. From the audience, Burt is seen screaming with the crowd, expressing how proud he is of Kurt as the team picks Kurt up in victory. Puck's happiness over their victory is short-lived when he sees Quinn and Finn sharing a kiss. Burt comes down to Kurt's room while he's applying his skin care products to tell him that he's proud of him and wishes his mother had been there. As Burt begins to leave, Kurt stops him to tell him that he has something to say. Shakily, Kurt finally reveals to Burt that he is gay and Burt tells him that he already knew. He then tells Kurt that he loves him and accepts his sexuality and the two share a hug. Burt asks Kurt if he's sure, to which Kurt answers he is.

Finn comes by Quinn's locker to give her an old blanket he used to have as a baby to give to their baby. He tells Quinn that he wants to be a good father, making Quinn smile. As the two share a hug, Puck interrupts them and begins to insult Quinn, leading to Finn coming to her defense. Puck apologizes and says he was out of line and walks off, leaving Finn confused but Quinn knows exactly why Puck is acting the way he is. Sue begins her segment on the local news and talks about the secret to her success. Will reveals to the glee club that Puck, Matt Rutherford and Mike Chang have agreed to join the New Directions, following their football victory. He then tells the club that they are going to start rehearsals with Tonight. Rachel smiles at Will, thinking that he has agreed to give her the solo, but Will instead tells Tina to take the lead, much to Rachel's chargin. Rachel quits the glee club and tells Sandy that she is his exclusively and begins to start rehearsing. The episode ends with Quinn by her locker, looking extremely upset, more than likely over her current situation. (Source)
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1x04: Preggers
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1x04: Preggers
Quinn in the episode
Quinn reveals to Finn that she's pregnant with his child (even though they never had sex), convincing him by saying that he prematurely ejaculated when they were in her hot tub together and the sperm entered her through the water. Later on, it is revealed Puck is actually the father, because of a drunken one night stand; one where Quinn had too many wine coolers and felt fat that day. Puck confronts her knowing it's his child, but Quinn says she doesn't want him to be part of it and insults him as a Lima Loser. After finding out Quinn is pregnant, Terri Del Monico approaches her and asks Quinn to give her baby to her, because she is faking her own pregnancy and can't tell Will she's not pregnant.
Episode Quotes
FINN: Quinn! Quinn. Hey, what’s with the silent treatment? Whatever I did, I’m sorry.
QUINN: I’m pregnant.
QUINN: I wasn’t sure, and I really didn’t want to go by myself, and I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner!
FINN: Mine?
QUINN: Yes, you. Who else’s would it be?
FINN: But we…we never…
QUINN: Last month. Hot tub.
FINN: But we were wearing our swimsuits!
QUINN: Ask Jeeves said a hot tub is the perfect temperature for sperm. It, it helps it swim faster.
FINN: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Are – are you gonna get a…?
QUINN: [crying] No. I really thought I had a shot at getting out of here! No.

QUINN: Leave me alone.
PUCK: Who’s the daddy? I just think it’s kind of weird if it’s Finn, since you told me you were a virgin when we did it… And I know for a fact that you didn’t do it with him.
QUINN: How can you be so sure?
PUCK: Finn’s my boy. He would have told me.
QUINN: You make a habit of sleeping with your boys’ girlfriends?
PUCK: Well, call the Vatican! We’ve got ourselves another Immaculate Conception!
PUCK: I’d take care of it, you know. You, too. My dad’s a deadbeat but I don’t roll that way.
QUINN: Weren’t you fired for peeing in the fast-food fryolator?
PUCK: I’ve got my pool cleaning business.
QUINN: We live in Ohio. I had sex with you because you got me drunk on wine coolers and I felt fat that day, but it was a mistake. You’re a Lima loser and you’re always gonna be a Lima loser.

TERRI: How many weeks are you? From the looks of you, I’d say no more than five or six. I assume you haven’t told your parents yet. I mean, how could you? After Daddy bought you this car so you could drive him to the Chastity Ball. You can’t raise this baby, Quinn.
QUINN: I’m sorry, but who are you?
TERRI: I’m just somebody who wants to help.
QUINN: I don’t need your help! Get the hell out of my car!
TERRI: Really? What kind of prenatal vitamins are you taking?
TERRI: Yeah. Here. Three times a day, or your baby will be ugly.
QUINN: I don’t understand. What do you want from me?

PUCK: Hey, guys. How you doing? You know, lately, I’ve been getting really sick in the morning.
QUINN: Must be a virus.
PUCK: Hey, are you putting on a little weight? You should watch your carbs. They’re not going to be able to hoist you to the top of that cheerleading pyramid much longer.
FINN: Hey. Don’t talk to my girlfriend like that.
PUCK: You know what? You’re right. I was out of line. See you guys around.

Songs Performed
Quinn did not perform any songs in this episode.

Taking Chances (Celine Dion): Rachel Berry

Unreleased Songs:
Tonight by Cast of West Side Story. Sung by Tina Cohen-Chang.

Background Songs
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It): by Beyoncé. Danced to by Brittany, Kurt, and Tina. And later used at the football game.
Moonlight Sonata by The Swingle Singers. Background music as Puck confronts Quinn.
Music Box Dancer by Romantic Strings & Orchestra. Background music during the scene at Sandy's house.
The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key. Played during the football game.
Looking Back by Kerry Muzzey. Background music before Finn calls timeout.
» In the opening, Kurt performs "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" by Beyoncé with Tina and Brittany as backup dancers. Heather Morris, who plays Brittany, was a back-up dancers for the "Single Ladies" performance with Beyoncéat the 2008 American Music Awards. Morris was actually a back-up dancer for Beyoncé for a year and a half between 2007-2008, and performed live with her for "Single Ladies."

» Rachel believes she should get the solo in 'Tonight' because she identifies with Natalie Wood. Wood, however, did not do her own singing in the film of West Side Story (1961) - she was dubbed by Marni Nixon.

» When she reveals to her sister that she has a secret about the baby, Terri's (Jessalyn Gilsig) sister says "Oh my god, is the baby black?" Jessalyn Gilsig also played in Ryan Murphy's Nip/Tuck (2003) as Gina Russo, the woman who gets pregnant by Christian Troy (Julian McMahon). In the season 1 finale, Gina gives birth to an African American baby, proving that it was never Christian's child.

» Though it's an amusing diversionary tactic they use to win the game, the McKinley football team's rendition of "Single Ladies" would most likely result in a loss instead: an antic like that would be penalized five yards for delay of game, costing them not only an advantageous field position, but precious time off the play clock.

Episode Clips
1x05: The Rhodes Not Taken
Episode title: The Rhodes Not Taken
Written by: Ian Brennan
Directed by: John Scott
Original air date: September 30, 2009
US Viewers: 7.40 Millions
Episode number overall: 4
Will, trying to find a twelfth member in the wake of Rachel's defection to the school musical, recruits former glee club star April Rhodes. Finn flirts with Rachel continuously in an attempt to convince her to return, hoping that having her in the club will increase his chances of gaining a music scholarship. While Finn takes Rachel bowling, they kiss briefly after Rachel bowls a strike. Although Rachel is angry when she discovers that Quinn is pregnant, she ultimately rejoins the club. Will confesses to once having had a crush on April, and encourages her to sober up and pursue her dreams of performing on Broadway. The glee club performs at Invitationals, launching themselves onto the show choir competition circuit.
Preparing for their upcoming invitationals, New Directions rehearse Don't Stop Believin', but with Quinn singing Rachel's solo with Finn instead. However, during the performance, Quinn experiences some morning sickness and several members of New Directions inform Will that they need Rachel to win Sectionals. Will reminds them that Rachel is gone and they cannot look back if they want to succeed. Finn walks up to Will and voices his concern of Quinn's baby with all the dancing she is doing, so Will offers to let Tina sing some of her verses. Will then asks Finn if he's told his mother about Quinn's pregnancy, but Finn says he'd rather handle things himself since his mother has enough things to worry about. At Breadstix having dinner, Will asks Terri why she hasn't had any morning sickness, so Terri lies and says that she's been throwing up a lot at work. The waiter, Chris, comes by to check on them and Will recognizes him from his Spanish class. Chris reveals that he now goes to Carmel High School now, despite being 24-years old. Vocal Adrenaline has been failing him so he can stay in the Glee Club because he's the only one who can do a triple flip. At this realization, Will concocts a plan. Emma calls Finn into her office to discuss his plans after graduation, upon hearing from Will that Finn is worried about his future. Emma informs Finn that there are very few students who get athletic scholarships, but there are several who get full scholarships in music. Emma tells Finn that he can generate interest from schools if they win Regionals. Finn wonders if they can win without Rachel, and despite Emma telling Will that it's a longshot, Emma tells him that it's definitely possible. Emma suggests that he talks to Rachel and convince her to come back. Rachel is interviewed by Jacob about her upcoming performance in the school play, Cabaret. During the interview, Jacob makes a pass at Rachel, which she immediately rejects, disgusted. Sandy interrupts the interview and takes Jacob to get his own interview as Finn walks in to chat with Rachel. He manipulates her into running lines with him and leaves. Will gets Emma to look up the profile of a former McKinley High dropout, April Rhodes. Emma warns him that reaching back into his past can be dangerous and that April may have changed since then. Will says he can handle it and searches for April on Google, finding her MySpace and tracking her down. Will drops by the address April gave him and she greets him, drunk. She shamelessly flirts with him and offers him wine from a box, when a realtor comes in with buyers and it's revealed that April is a squatter. After getting kicked out of the house, Will offers April to come back to McKinley to gain her credits and join New Directions. After some hesitance, April agrees.

Will introduces April to the Glee Club, but is met with cynicism as they believe she is too old and can't measure up to Rachel's talent. However, April sings Maybe This Time to prove she is a good singer. Meanwhile, Rachel is also practicing Maybe This Time for the play. The performance brings some of the kids to tears, making April confident that she's proved her worth. Later, after his Spanish class ends, Will confronts April that the glee kids are still reluctant to include her in the group, and encourages her to try to win them over. Taking this to heart, April bribes Kurt with alcohol and muscle magazines, teaches Mercedes and Tina how to sneak food and other objects between their legs, and sleeps with the guys on the football team. Rachel rehearses Cabaret, but is heckled mercilessly by Sandy. After being hurled more verbal abuse from Sandy, Rachel stands up to him and says that she is not quitting so Sandy can play the lead and then storms off. Rachel and Finn are rehearsing lines when Finn brings up Rachel coming back to Glee Club and then invites her to go bowling with him as a date. The pair are interrupted by April and Will, who have come to teach April the solo for Don't Stop Believin'. Will tells Rachel that everyone's excited to see her in the play. After she leaves, Rachel looks on as Finn and April are practicing together, clearly missing glee. Emma passes by a drunk Kurt in the hallway and notices that his breath smells like rubbing alcohol. After a delusioned Kurt vomits on Emma's shoes, Emma confronts Will, after having undergone four decontamination showers in the emergency room. She tells him that Kurt was drunk and suspects that April was behind it. Emma expresses her concerns about April's influence on the Glee Club and pressures Will to get rid of her. Rachel is crying in the bathroom, distraught after Sandy's harsh treatment of her during rehearsal. April suddenly walks in and Rachel confronts her on her inappropriate behavior, but April tells her that she used to be the biggest star at McKinley and now that she's back, she's not going to let it go.

At the bowling rink, Finn teaches Rachel how to bowl, who is shown to be a terrible bowler. Several lanes down, April and Will are also on a date when Will brings up April's behavior in Glee Club and April agrees to quit cold turkey. She then drags Will to sing Alone with her on the karaoke machine. Back to Rachel and Finn's date, the two are enjoying pizza together when Rachel asks how glee is and Finn replies that they miss her. Rachel counters that they miss her talent, but Finn tells they're her friends. Rachel then says that she loves glee but doesn't see a point in being in something where she's not appreciated. Finn tells her that he appreciates her and offers her one last bowl. With all the teaching, Rachel finally bowls a strike. Excited, the two share a kiss and Finn asks her to come back to glee. Rachel agrees, but Finn starts feeling bad for manipulating her. Artie, Kurt, Mercedes and Tina are in the choir room, speculating what is wrong with Quinn. After several bad guesses, Puck reveals that Quinn is pregnant and tells them that Finn is the father. Rachel returns to glee, but everyone is too wrapped up in the Quinn scandal. They reveal to her that Finn is the father of Quinn's baby and Rachel confronts him, slapping him and calling him a liar. Finn begs her to stay in Glee Club, but she tells him that her dreams are bigger than him. Rachel then walks up to Sue and demands that changes be made on the Cabaret situation, which Sue agrees and grants her full-artistic control.

On the night of Invitationals, the New Directions are warming up when April walks in, completely drunk. Will is disappointed that she hasn't changed at all and Emma pulls him aside to tell him that April almost ran her over with her car and pressures him to not let April perform. Will is divided because if April can't perform, then New Directions can't perform at all, which disappoints Emma. Despite being intoxicated, April successfully performs Last Name with the New Directions. Will confronts April again and tells her that she can't go back on. He expresses his disappointment in her and April tells him that she loved her moment in the spotlight. She becomes remorseful of the way she's acted and tells Will that she's screwed up and knows that Will would never let what happened to her happen to the glee kids. As New Directions get dressed for the second act, Will breaks the news that April is gone and that he made a mistake bringing her to the club. When Will tells them that they're going to have to cancel the rest of the show, Rachel walks in and agrees to step in for April. Will takes his seat next to Emma as the New Directions perform a show-stopping rendition of Somebody to Love. (Source)
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1x05: The Rhodes Not Taken
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1x05: The Rhodes Not Taken
Quinn in the episode
Quinn is seen performing the first verse of Don't Stop Believin' with Finn during Glee Club as she had taken over for Rachel, who was originally going to be performing the song. In the middle of the performance, Quinn gets bad morning sickness and runs out of the choir room. Finn lies to Mr. Schue and the others that she was sick due to a bad burrito even though Mr. Schue already knew. Everyone is suspicious by this and do not believe him. It is in this episode Puck reveals she's pregnant, lying that it's Finn's, causing the Glee Club to tell Rachel, who leaves New Directions again. When Rachel returns to the Glee Club and tells the others that she can go on for April Rhodes, who had been told by Will she had to quit before the Somebody to Love performance, Quinn tells her that she can't go on because she doesn't know the choreography to the song. She is then seen singing Somebody to Love with the Glee club.
Songs Performed
Maybe This Time (Cast of Cabaret): April Rhodes and Rachel Berry
Alone (Heart): April Rhodes and Will Schuester
Last Name (Carrie Underwood): New Directions
Somebody to Love (Queen): New Directions

Unreleased Songs:
Don't Stop Believin' by Journey sung by Finn Hudson and Quinn Fabray.
Cabaret from Cabaret sung by Rachel Berry.

Background Songs
Desafinado by Ronnie Pleydell. Played when Will and Terri are eating dinner at Breadstix.
Heart of Glass by Blondie. Played when Will meets April at her squatting grounds.
You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates. Played during a montage of April being a bad influence on the glee club.
I Want a New Drug by Huey Lewis and the News. Played during the bowling scene.
Heartbreak Beat by the Psychedelic Furs. Played when Rachel and Finn share a romantic moment in the bowling alley.

» When Kristin Chenoweth was a guest star on this episode of Glee (2009), series regular Chris Colfer told The LA Times that for him, "working with Kristin is what I can imagine what a priest would go through if they worked with Jesus.".

» Most Glee (2009) episodes have one-word titles; this was the first one that did not.

» Although only a few details of the school's production of "Cabaret" are visible in this episode, those we do see show that the "Glee" showrunners have taken some artistic license with the classic musical. Rachel is shown practicing the song "Maybe This Time," which was included in the movie, not the stage musical (although it did appear in the 1998 Donmar Warehouse stage revival, at the time this episode was filmed it did not appear in any onstage version of "Cabaret" that was legally performable by high school, college, or community theaters). Also, the dialogue that Rachel and Finn practice is a paraphrase of an exchange that occurs only in the movie, and not in any version of the musical ever staged.

» In the beginning of this episode, Emma talks to Will about rekindling old flames. She mentions an incident where she rekindled with her old high school flame, Andy, and three months later, Versace was dead. Emma is referring to Andrew Cunanan, the spree killer whose penultimate kill was the famed Gianni Versace. Darren Criss, who would later join the cast in Season 2 as Blaine Anderson, plays Cunanan in American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace. (2018)

» Near the end of the episode when April Rhodes tells Will she's leaving Glee Club, she mentions joining Broadway. Kristin Chenoweth, who plays April, is well known for her Broadway performances. She is most well known on Broadway for her role as Glinda the Good Witch in 'Wicked.'

» The title of this episode is a reference to the famous Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken.

» This is the first time the "Here's what you missed on Glee..." segment is used.

» Kristin Chenoweth stated that she was actually nervous to sing a song with Matthew Morrison because she wasn't much of a pop singer.

» During the bowling scene, Rachel compliments the pepperoni pizza. However, in Funk, it is revealed that she is a vegan.

Behind the Episode
Episode Clips
1x06: Vitamin D
Episode title:
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Directed by: Elodie Keene
Original air date: October 7, 2009
US Viewers: 7.28 Millions
Episode number overall: 4
Believing the glee club members are becoming complacent ahead of Sectionals, Will pits the girls against the boys for a mash-up competition. Terri takes a job as the school nurse to stop Will becoming closer to Emma. With encouragement from Terri, Ken proposes to Emma, who reluctantly accepts. Terri gives the glee club pseudoephedrine tablets, enhancing their mash-up performances. Rachel and Finn feel guilty and confess, resulting in the competition being nullified, Terri being fired, and Sue being appointed co-director of the glee club. Quinn agrees to let Terri secretly adopt her baby, enabling her to continue faking her pregnancy.
During Glee Club rehearsals, Will notices that the Glee Club has become increasingly lazy. He reminds them that if they coast at Sectionals, they'll be crushed at Regionals. However, his words have fallen on deaf ears. During his lunch break in the teacher's lounge, Will confides in Emma about the Glee Club's growing laziness ever since it was revealed that they would be facing two easy Glee Clubs at Sectionals: The Haverbrook School for the Deaf and Jane Adams Academy. Emma suggests that he try a sticker board to motivate the Glee Club, but the two are interrupted by Sue, who can't ignore the "trickly sweet inanity" of their conversation. Sue reveals that every week, she chooses a Cheerio at random and then kicks them off the team. She explains that children need to be terrified in order for them to "grow," and suggests for Will to unleash the competitive nature of the Glee Club. Emma is disgusted, but Will believes that Sue has a point. At the next glee rehearsal, Will introduces the concept of competition to the group. Since he feels the Glee Club has grown complacent, he suggests a mash-up competition, featuring a boys versus girls format. Rachel is all too eager to take the leadership position, confident that the girls will crush the boys. The boys, however, are not worried at all. Will notices that Finn seems to be really out of it, but Finn tells him that he's alright and walks to football practice with Puck. In her office, Sue is writing in her journal about her depression and mentions that she remembers seeing Quinn quivering at the top of the pyramid at Cheerios practice. When asked if she was feeling alright, Quinn replied that she has been tired from Glee Club (A lie to hide her pregnancy). However, this reignites Sue's hatred for the Glee Club and tries to think of a way to bring it down. After remembering Will and Emma's flirtatious friendship, she comes to the realization that she needs to take down Will to take down the Glee Club. Sue visits Terri at hers and Will's apartment to over-exaggerate Will and Emma's friendship by mentioning that Will is cheating on her. Terri is too quick to believe it, as she has been sensing that Will has been slowly pulling away from her. Sue suggests that Terri take up a job as the new school nurse since the position is open. In a flashback, it's revealed that Sue had purposely tripped the school nurse down the stairs, putting her into a coma. Terri applies for the position and manages to convince Principal Figgins to let her have the job by mentioning she has had first-aid training and has used a defibrillator. Will meets Emma in the teachers' lounge where Will tells her about the mash-up competition in Glee Club. He asks her to be the celebrity guest judge because he feels she's the most honest and impartial person he knows. Just as he says this, Terri catches them and interrupts their conversation. She purposely licks her thumb and wipes it on Emma's mug to "wipe away" the lipstick on it, knowing full well that Emma has mysophobia. As surprised Will asks what Terri is doing at his workplace and Terri reveals that she is the new school nurse and will be around every week. At a football team meeting, as Ken relays plays to the football team, Finn is struggling to keep himself awake. Finn reveals in a voice-over that he has been struggling with feelings between Quinn and Rachel. He also mentions that he has been struggling to keep up with growing pains, Glee Club, the football team, school, and popularity and is getting overwhelmed. The New Directions boys watch Finn as he struggles to stay awake in glee rehearsals. Artie mentions that they'll be doing a mash-up of Bon Jovi's Puck suggests that he see the nurse and take a nap. At the girls' rehearsal, Rachel tries to rally the girls to start practicing, but none of them are motivated enough to do anything, confident that they'll win easily. Finn walks into the nurse's office and introduces himself to Terri. Terri, realizing that Finn is the one who is dating Quinn, takes an interest in him. Terri begins asking Finn about his sleeping habits and what he thinks about it. After Finn reveals that he's been thinking of other girls, Terri reprimands him (due to her own paranoia about Will and Emma), saying that even flirting is cheating and reminds him that the "revenge of the jilted woman is pretty messy." Terri then goes on to talk about how she captained the Cheerios, kept a perfect 4.0 GPA, cultivated her popularity, and maintained a "loving" relationship with Will. Terri then gives Finn pseudoephedrine to help him keep awake, saying that they are just like vitamins.

After taking the "vitamins," Finn comically walks into the boys' rehearsals super energetically and gives the rest of the guys the drug to enhance their mash-up performance, It's My Life/Confessions Part II, which is a big hit with Will, Emma and the girls. Will then tells the girls to bring out their best, otherwise the guys' number will be used for Sectionals. Rachel goes to see Quinn at her locker to ask why she hasn't been in Glee Club lately, but Quinn rudely rebuffs her. Rachel tries to reassure Quinn that no one in glee will judge her and mentions that she doesn't hate her, despite what other people may think. Quinn is surprised by Rachel's kindness and Rachel walks away feeling good about herself. Terri calls Howard at Sheets-N-Things and asks him to buy her thirty-six boxes of decongestants. Ken walks into her office to talk about Will and Emma's relationship. Ken reveals that he's been seeing them together all the time, while Terri mentions that they need to break them up. Ken suggests they hook-up to "cancel out" Will and Emma's friendship. Terri asks if Ken and Emma have stopped having sex, and Ken reveals that they've never had sex. Ken begins to break down before Terri tells him to man up. She then suggests for Ken to ask Emma to marry him. Ken is reluctant, but Terri gives him a box of decongestants and urges him to propose. Rachel confronts the girls in the choir room as they all wonder how the boys did so well. Kurt walks in and reveals that the boys took performance enhancers, stating that his allegiance is with the girls since the boys rejected his ideas. Rachel angrily confronts Finn in the hallways about the drugs, but Finn tells her that he doesn't know what it's like to handle the pressure he's under. Rachel retorts that everyone has pressure and she handles hers with a rigorous diet and excerise. Finn then tells Rachel that she's only mad because the boys were good and the girls won't. This pushes Rachel and the girls to go see Terri and take the pseudoephedrines. In the teachers' lounge, Terri and Will have lunch together as an energetic Ken robotically shreds papers. Will gets upset when Terri tries to lick mustard off his lip, and says that her being around his workplace is not good for their marriage. Terri doesn't believe it, but Will mentions that they have nothing to talk about anymore. Will leaves when Terri appears unreceptive to his words, so Terri encourages Ken to propose to Emma at that moment. Ken proposes, despite Emma being clearly uncomfortable. She is left speechless.

Having taken the decongestants, Rachel opens up their performance with a long-winded speech before segueing to their engertic performance of Halo/Walking on Sunshine. The performance is well received by everyone, just like the boys, and Will mentions that Emma will have her work cut out for her. Will then pulls Emma aside to talk about Ken's proposal and asks what she'll do. Emma counters if she'll have any other options, leading to Will to question if that's a reason to marry someone. Terri watches this exchange from afar and confronts Emma in her office, bluntly telling her that she has no shot with Will. Before she leaves, Terri tells Emma to marry Ken because he's available, unlike married Will. Quinn runs into Terri in the school hallway and tells her that she'll agree to give the baby to Terri, stating that she loves the life she lives. She then asks Terri for money to pay for medical expenses, but Terri refuses and tells her that she can handle the nine months. Emma goes to see Ken in the boys' locker room and explains that she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life alone. Ken then asks her if she's agreeing to the marriage proposal. Finn confronts Rachel and calls her out on her hypocrisy. Rachel admits that she feels terrible for taking the drugs and apologizes for calling him contemptible and deplorable. Finn asks what they should do and Rachel suggests that they should drop out of the competition because it's the right thing to do. Finn agrees as they walk down the hallway together. Rachel then admits that she got caught up the competition and that her goals have been selfish and says that she should stop competing against the Glee Club and start competing with them.

Terri and Will are pulled into Figgins' office, where it's revealed that Howard was arrested because he was suspected for running a meth lab, as pseudoephedrine is an ingredient in meth. Will is angry and upset that Terri could be so irresponsible. Figgins fires Terri and tells Will that, as all of this happened under his watch, he is hiring a new co-director: Sue Sylvester! The Glee Club get together to apologize to Will for taking the drugs. Sue comes in, all smiles, and the Glee Club is left feeling unsettled at the thought of her being the new co-director. Emma meets Will in the hallway and tells Will that she is marrying Ken. Shocked, Will congratulates her, but is shown with a lot of disappointment on his face. The two part ways, but not before looking at each other one last time. The episode ends with Rachel in her room, throwing away the decongestants as she plays Break My Stride on her radio and begins her routine exercises. (Source)
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1x06: Vitamin D
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1x06: Vitamin D
Quinn in the episode
Sue spots Quinn quivering at the top of the cheerleading pyramid, which Quinn blames on being tired from glee club while Sue confronts her. When Terri takes a job at the school as a nurse after being prompted by Sue, she gives all the glee club members decongestant pills (the so-called Vitamin D of the episode), except Quinn who gets folic acid instead as it is good for the baby. After that, she tells Terri that she can have her baby and asks her for money. However, Terri declines by saying she is going to pay for eighteen years of the child already.
Episode Quotes
RACHEL: I haven’t seen you at glee rehearsals.
QUINN: I’m not superwoman. I know glee is your whole life but I have the Cheerios, I’m on honour roll, I have friends.
RACHEL: You don’t have to be embarrassed. No one at glee is gonna judge you. Look, i know everyone expects us to be enemies and be in competition, but I don’t hate you.
QUINN: Why not? I’ve been awful to you
RACHEL: That was before you knew what it felt like to be me. An outsider. More people are gonna start finding out about this, and you’re gonna need friends who can relate.
QUINN: How can you relate to what I’m going through?
RACHEL: You don’t think people whisper about me in the lunchrooms or draw pornographic pictures of me on the bathroom walls?
QUINN: That was me, actually.
RACHEL: Look, I don’t agree with the choice you’re making, but you’re gonna need glee. You have seven months of your youth left. You should enjoy it. And let’s face it, in a couple of months, that cheerleading uniform isn’t gonna fit and we’re gonna be all you have left. Just come back to practice. Boys versus girls. It’s fun. And we could certainly use your voice right now. You’re actually a good singer, Quinn. Occasionally sharp, but that’s just because you lack my years of training
QUINN: I would have tortured you if the roles were reversed, you know?
RACHEL: I know.

QUINN: Were they really that good?
RACHEL: They were, Quinn. Look, I was fine with arranging, choreographing and directing this number free of charge. But we underestimated the boys. Their number will go to sectionals and once again, I will be humiliated.
MERCEDES: How were we supposed to know they’d rock the house? They’ve never been good.
TINA: How did they d-d-do it?
[Enter KURT]
KURT: The real question is,“What were they on?” Though I’ve been grouped with the boys, my allegiance still remains with you ladies. They declined my offer to do their hair in cornrows and all my artistic decisions have been derided as too costly because they involve several varieties of exotic bird feathers.
KURT: We all took something.

QUINN: Mrs. Schuester.
TERRI: Mm-hmm?
QUINN: I need to talk to you…About the baby.
TERRI: Is everything okay? Wait, you’re not having it right now, are you?
QUINN: What? No! Aren’t you supposed to be a nurse?
TERRI: Mm-hmm.
QUINN: I’ve been thinking about your offer.
TERRI: Yeah?
QUINN: I like my life. I like being a cheerleader. And I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I really like being in glee club. I have all of these great things in my life, and it already feels like too much. (whispers) I can’t raise a baby.
TERRI: You know, honestly, I don’t even know how you kids do it nowadays. I didn’t have it this bad when I was your age. There weren’t as many TV channels either, though. Is Finn okay with this? Because, you know, I don’t want any baby daddy drama when you hand it over to me.
QUINN: He’s the reason I’m doing this. He’s such a good guy, and he internalizes all this pressure. He’s gonna have a heart attack. I never want Mr. Schuester to find out about this, though. I don’t want to hurt him, either.
TERRI: Well, your secret’s safe with me. I have a lot more to lose.
QUINN: One more thing. You know how you gave me those vitamins for the baby?
TERRI: Mm-hmm.
QUINN: I really appreciated that, but I’m gonna have all these doctor’s bills, and I’m gonna need some new maternity clothes.
TERRI: You want money from me?
QUINN: It’s gonna be your baby.
TERRI: Which means I’m gonna be paying the bills for 18 years. I think you can handle nine months. Look, you’re making the right call here, Quinn. It’s what’s best for everybody.
Songs Performed
It's My Life/Confessions Part II (Bon Jovi/Usher): New Directions Boys
Halo/Walking on Sunshine (Beyoncé/Katrina and the Waves): New Directions Girls

Background Songs
Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder. Played in Rachel's bedroom in her flashback scene as her work-out music.

» Sue says, "I'm not an American citizen. I was born in the Panama Canal zone. But I managed to get a passport. And run for office twice." This is a reference to Arizona Senator John McCain, who was born in the Panama Canal Zone and who ran for the presidency of the United States in 2000 and 2008.

» This is the first episode in which every song was released.

» This episode starts the annual tradition of the "Boys vs. Girls mash-up competition," which took place in every season's sixth episode up until Season Four where it appeared in the fifteenth. No such competition was featured in the fifth or sixth season.

» This is the first episode not to feature a solo.

» This is the first and only episode that only contain mash-ups.

» Terri says that the pseudoephedrine products are "over the counter" items that you can get in the store with no problem. In actuality, the U.S. government regulates the sale of pseudoephedrine products, limiting a person to how much they can buy in the store. Most stores scan the license and would prevent Terri from getting as many boxes as she did.

» Terri mentions to Emma that Ken's "fondue pot of Nationalities" would leave any child they had open to a multitude of genetic diseases. A diverse ethnic background actually makes a person less likely to be affected by genetic disorders, seeing as faulty genes cancel each other out.

» When all of the New Directions girls line up to get pills from Terri, there are two girls at the end of the line that are supposed to be stand-ins for Brittany and Santana. This is made especially obvious when the real Santana is seen standing next to Rachel.

» At 33:52 Terri's shirt was pink and then in the next scene it is blue while talking to Quinn.
Episode Clips
1x07: Throwdown
Episode title: Throwdown
Written by: Brad Falchuk
Directed by: Ryan Murphy
Original air date: October 14, 2009
US Viewers: 7.65 Millions
Episode number overall: 7
Will and Sue clash over the running of the glee club. Sue tries to tear the club apart by turning the students against each other, suggesting that Will has been neglecting the needs of the minority students. When school reporter Jacob Ben Israel learns that Quinn is pregnant, Rachel attempts to keep him from breaking the news to the rest of the school, but Sue forces him to run the story. The glee club members stage a walkout over Will and Sue's incessant arguing, and rally to support Quinn when the rest of the school learns of her pregnancy. Sue steps down as co-director, and Terri blackmails her obstetrician into faking a sonogram, deceiving Will into believing she is still pregnant.
The episode begins in the auditorium. Will and Sue are engaged in a heated argument that's so intense, they're even arguing in their voiceovers. It began when Will and Sue were brought into Principal Figgins' office to talk about the current status of the Glee Club. They lie to him and say that things are going smoothly, and a suspicious Figgins warns them not to curry favor from the kids or try to pit the kids against each other. While they both say they agree, they are both shown doing the exact opposite. Will is trying to gain popularity by letting the kids do what they want, while Sue tries to tear them apart by interrogating Quinn, who reveals that the minority students are feeling unappreciated. Although Figgins seems pleased with Will and Sue's team unity at the end of the meeting, it's very clear that Will and Sue are at odds and threaten to take each other down. A nervous Quinn and Finn are at the OB/GYN to check out the sonograms for their baby, where the obstetrician reveals that they are having a girl. Finn leaves the room to talk to Will where they discuss the baby's future, in which Finn believes that Quinn's mind about adoption may change and laments that he feels helpless. Rachel is paid a visit by gossip blogger Jacob Ben Israel, who reveals that he's working on a piece on Quinn about her pregnancy. Rachel initially denies this claim, but gives in and asks Jacob what it will take for him to not run the story.

Will and Sue are in the choir room, flipping a coin to decide who will choose the opening number first. After having gotten a special trick coin from a joke shop, Sue wins the flip and specifically calls out the minority students—Santana, Tina, Mike, Mercedes, and Matt along with Artie, because he is handicapped, and Kurt, because he is gay—to make a special, elite Glee Club: Sue's Kids. Will is obviously not pleased with this idea. Terri is talking on the phone with her sister, Kendra, about vaccination shots when Will hangs up the phone. Will is frustrated that he feels powerless at school and at home and mentions that he is going to their next ultrasound appointment, much to Terri's dismay. Finn and Rachel are talking in the hallways about Rachel's deal with Jacob. Finn is extremely appreciative of Rachel's sacrifice and promises to make it up to her before going to class. Just then, Jacob walks up from behind Rachel, demanding another pair of Rachel's panties as the ones she originally gave him still had the tag on them.

In the choir room, Sue's Kids are all talking amongst themselves when Sue walks in with sheet music of Hate on Me by Jill Scott, which is well received by the group, and encourages the group to do what they want with the performance. Will watches from outside the choir room as the kids perform and confronts Sue, accusing her of undermining him in front of the Glee Club. Sue then admits that she is trying to sabotage the Glee Club and says that she will win this battle. At his apartment, Will is grading test papers when Terri comes by to offer him a beer. Terri admits that she has been a bad wife in the late and says that she doesn't want them to be like Kendra's marriage. She then offers some advice for Will's school troubles against Sue by saying that he needs to fight back. At the next Cheerios practice, Sue is being interviewed by a journalist for a cheerleading magazine when she notices that her all Cheerios, apart from Quinn, Brittany, and Santana, are missing from practice. When she asks where they are, Quinn responds that they are not academically eligible because Will flunked them from Spanish. Angered, Sue pulls Will into Figgins' office to report him for "jeopardizing" her Cheerios' future with "that dying language." However, Will points out that 95% of her Cheerios should've flunked Spanish and asserts that he's not letting them slide by anymore. Figgins takes Will's side and tells Sue that there will be no free passes. When she realizes that she will not get her way, Sue angrily storms out of the room in a rage. In Will's Spanish class, Finn passes a note to Quinn while they're taking a test, stating that he has come up with a name for the baby: Drizzle. Quinn tells him that they're not naming the baby anything and admonishes him for being insensitive to her feelings. Finn argues that he wishes Quinn were more like Rachel, as she stuck up for him and Quinn with Jacob. Quinn questions Rachel's motives and warns Finn not to cheat on her with Rachel. The Glee Club gathers in the choir room to sing Ride wit Me together, stating that they miss hanging around each other. Sue's Kids leave the room as Will arrives, and Rachel mentions that she doesn't like how things have been. Will says that is exactly what Sue wants them to think. He then gives them sheet music to No Air, in which Finn and Rachel take the lead in. After the performance, under Sue's orders, Quinn mentions to Puck and Brittany that Will doesn't like minorities, leading them to defect to Sue's Kids.

Terri is looking desperately through her drawer and finds her pregnancy pad, just as Will gets home. Terri notices that Will has gotten more forceful when he orders her to take care of dinner on nights when she's home first. Will mentions that her advice worked, and he feels more in control than ever. He also mentions that he made an appointment for Terri's obstetrician, Dr. Wu, leaving Terri worried. Will angrily confronts Sue in the teachers' lounge about taking Puck and Brittany from his group. Sue then makes a deal that if he gives her back her Cheerios, she'll give him back his kids. Will refuses. Terri and Kendra go to see Dr. Wu at the OB/GYN to try to blackmail him into going along with their plan to fool Will when he and Terri come in for their sonogram test. After several failed attempts, Kendra finally gets Dr. Wu to comply. Quinn confronts Rachel by her locker, but Rachel tries to avoid it. Quinn tells Rachel to leave her and Finn alone, and Rachel agrees to back off, but mentions to Quinn that she knows about her double agent duties with Sue and warns her that when Sue finds out about Quinn's pregnancy, she'll kick her off and she won't have anyone to support her because she aided in destroying the Glee Club, the only people who are willing to stand behind her. Quinn then goes into a performance of You Keep Me Hangin' On with the Cheerios, causing her to think hard about the decisions she's made. The Glee Club gathers into the choir room to witness Will's Group perform No Air, but before they can even start, Sue orders her kids to leave because she finds Will's Group boring. This leads to the screaming match that was shown earlier in the episode. Finn stops the fight and tells them that they don't want to hear their petty squabble, thus leading to the entire club to storm out. Will and Terri are at the OB/GYN and with some sneaky planning, Dr. Wu and Terri manage to fool Will into believing the sonogram they use is real and that they are having a girl. Seeing the girl on the ultrasound brings Will's to tears, and Terri asserts that she wants them to remember that they love each other during this moment, sealing it with a kiss.

Will comes by Sue's office for a talk. Sue then reveals that she's stepping down as co-director, but offers to help Will with consulting, even asking him to see their setlists before competitions. Will agrees, but is still suspicious of Sue's motives. They appear to come to an agreement for now. Will and Sue then have a meeting with the Glee Club, and Sue reveals that she knows about Quinn's pregnancy and the story will go public on Jacob's blog. Rachel confronts Jacob, who admits that Sue found Rachel's panties in his locker and forced him to publish the story. In the hallways, Finn tries to comfort a distraught Quinn. The episode ends with the New Directions, all together, performing Keep Holding On, ending with Quinn struggling not to cry. (Source)
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1x07: Throwdown
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1x07: Throwdown
Quinn in the episode
Quinn is put in Schue's group after Sue separated the club into two. She complains about singing in the background, stating to Puck and Brittany that he dislikes minorities. However, this is all going on under the orders of Sue. Puck and Brittany quit Schue's group and this leads to a showdown between Schue and Sue. Later on, while Sue is snooping around in students' lockers for her "locker checks," she comes across a pair of panties in Jacob's locker. She forces him into her office and he tells her that they are Rachel's, who gave them to him so he wouldn't put Quinn's pregnancy on display on his blog. Sue tells him to run the story. Finn comforts Quinn after Sue reveals it in glee club, with Rachel watching. The glee club (in particular Finn) then shows their support for Quinn by singing Keep Holding On.
Songs Performed
Hate on Me (Jill Scott): Sue's Kids
No Air (Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown): Will's Group
You Keep Me Hangin' On (The Supremes): Quinn Fabray with the Cheerios
Keep Holding On (Avril Lavigne): New Directions

Unreleased Songs
Ride wit Me by Nelly feat. City Spud. Sung by New Directions

Background Songs
Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. Played several times throughout the episode, such as when Will and Sue shout at each other in slow motion, when Sue marches through the school with her sunglasses on as Will chases her and argues, when Sue finds out Will flunked most of her Cheerios, when Sue storms out of Principal Figgin's office, and when Will approaches Sue reading the paper in the teachers' lounge.

» During the slow-motion argument at the beginning of the episode, when Will and Sue are doing voiceovers, Will acknowledges that he and Sue are arguing in their voiceovers, breaking the fourth wall.

» In this episode, Finn mentions that Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple. In the second season Paltrow guest stars as fun substitute, Holly Holliday

» When Quinn and Finn attend their ultrasound for Quinn's baby, it is stated that Quinn is ten weeks pregnant and that the baby is female. It is virtually impossible to tell the gender at ten weeks, since the genitals wouldn't even have begun to form until week fourteen at the earliest.

» Sue mentions that Will suffers from early stages of paranoid schizophrenia, which is a mental illness that Jane Lynch's character from Criminal Minds suffers from.

» Ride wit Me was actually not a written in the script. The cast was singing it between scenes and Murphy liked it so much he added it into the scene.

» Despite Will flunking all of the Cheerios except Quinn, Brittany, and Santana, many Cheerios are seen in their uniform and even show up for practice during You Keep Me Hangin' On.

» During Quinn's conversation with Rachel by her locker, the angel with a hook has been moved during the scene.
Episode Clips
1x08: Mash-Up
Episode title: Mash-Up
Written by: Ian Brennan
Directed by: Elodie Keene
Original air date: October 21, 2009
US Viewers: 7.15 Millions
Episode number overall: 8
Will attempts to create a mash-up wedding song for Emma and Ken. Ken becomes increasingly jealous of Emma's feelings for Will and tries to force the football-playing New Directions members to quit the glee club, but ultimately relents. Finn and Quinn find that they are no longer considered popular by the rest of the student body. Rachel and Puck date briefly, but break up as they have feelings for Finn and Quinn respectively. Sue has a brief romance with local news anchor Rod Remington and temporarily makes amends with Will, until she discovers that Rod is cheating on her.
The episode begins with several Glee Club members being threatened with a slushie before it lands in Finn's face. Finn, with Quinn, angrily confront the perpetrator, hockey player Dave Karofsky, who tells them now that they're popularity has waned, they're fair game. Emma and Ken approach Will in the teachers' lounge and tell him that they will be having a private wedding ceremony in Hawaii. Ken has convinced Emma to have a first dance, but they cannot decide on a song. Remembering the mash-up competition a couple of weeks ago. Emma asks Will to mash-up their song choices, I Could Have Danced All Night and Thong Song. They also ask for private dance lessons, particularly for Emma. In the choir room, Quinn voices her concern about their reputation as the "it couple" while the other glee kids worry about getting slushied. Will enters the choir room and gives them their assignment: find a song to mash-up with Bust a Move. After Finn and Puck deny the lead solo for the song, Will takes the reigns and performs Bust a Move with the New Directions. Finn and Quinn visit Emma and ask her for advice on how to be cool. Emma, however, gets distracted by Will passing by, and suggests they wear sunglasses. Emma then advises them that the most important thing is being themselves and anyone who doesn't like it is not worth their time. Emma visits Will after school in one of the classroom in her wedding dress, explaining that her sister got divorced because she did not practice her dance lessons with it on. Will turns on Thong Song and begins to dance provocatively around Emma. The performance ends when Will accidentally trips and Emma falls on top of him with Ken spying on them from outside the classroom. At football practice, Finn gets into a fight with fellow Azimio Adams. Ken comes in and breaks up the fighting and holds a team meeting. Ken tells them to act like a team and informs them that he'll be adding an extra practice on Thursday, which is also when Glee Club rehearsals are held. Ken then gives Finn and Puck an ultimatum: football or Glee Club.

Rachel is practicing What a Girl Wants in her bedroom with Puck, before Puck suggests they take a break to make-out. In a voice-over, Puck explains that this situation between him and Rachel started when he was eating Chinese food and watching Schindler's List with his mother and little sister. Puck's mother then asks Puck why he can't date a Jewish girl. That same night, Puck dreams about Rachel and realizes that she is Jewish. It turns out that Rachel is fantasizing about Finn when she and Puck are kissing, and she tells them that she can't be with him unless he's man enough to sing a solo. Taking this to heart, Puck performs Sweet Caroline at the next Glee Club meeting, serenading to Rachel and earning disapproving looks from Finn and Santana. The performance is well-received. Finn and Quinn are walking down the hallway in sunglasses, but are ambushed by the football team with slushies. Azimio warns them that more will come if Finn chooses Glee Club over football. After a segment of Sue's Corner on the local news, Sue is approached by anchorman Rod Remington, who hits on her and asks her out, and a shocked Sue agrees. She and Will perform a swing dance routine to Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing), and reveals that she's in love with Rod, and is taking swing dance lessons from Will to impress him. Will notes how happier she has been, and Sue then mentions that Ken is forcing Finn, Puck, Mike, and Matt to choose between Glee Club and football. Will confronts Ken in the boys' locker room about this decision. Will remains oblivious to Ken's motives until Ken reveals that Emma has been pursuing him and is tired of being the "consolation prize" compared to Will, which is why he is forcing the guys to choose to see which of them is the real "consolation prize". Puck and Rachel are walking, arm-in-arm, together down the hallway before Puck gets hit in the face with a slushie by Karofsky. Rachel takes Puck into the bathroom to help him clean up where Puck apologizes for all the times he's thrown slushies at her, realizing the humiliation. He also says that he's going to choose football over Glee Club. Rachel understands and leaves.

Will and Emma are at a bridal shop where Emma is trying on a new wedding dress that she feels will be easier to dance in. Will puts on an instrumental version of I Could Have Danced All Night and Emma sings along as the two begin to slow dance with each other. After the dance, Will tells Emma that Ken is making the guys choose between glee and football and asks to wish him luck. The Glee Club is waiting anxiously in the choir room for the guys. When the clock strikes 3:30, Mike, Matt, and (surprisingly) Puck enter the choir room, officially choosing glee over football. However, it turns out that Finn has decided to choose football. Finn approaches Kurt and Rachel in the hallway with a slushie in hand. Kurt challenges Finn to do it, but Finn doesn't feel right doing it. Kurt remarks that Finn is under pressure from the football team and throws the slushie in his own face, and questions Finn if any of the guys on the football team would've done the same. Finn leaves as Kurt is dragged off to the girls' bathroom by Rachel, Mercedes, and Tina. Sue comes by the news station, dressed in a zoot suit, and catches Rod making-out with Andrea Carmichael, his co-anchor. Rod reveals that he didn't think they were exclusive and Sue walks off, embarrassed. Rachel visits Puck, who is watching football practice from the bleachers. She asks if he misses it, and he says he doesn't. Rachel then tells him that she doesn't think their relationship will work out, and Puck realizes that she's in love with Finn. Hurt, Puck tells her that Finn and Quinn are never breaking up because of Quinn's pregnancy. Rachel asks if they can still be friends, but Puck rebuffs and says they never were. Will meets up with Finn on the football field and asks to throw the ball together. Finn says he's not coming back to glee because of the pressue he's under and Will reveals that Finn reminds him the most of himself, and pleads for Finn to make the right decision. Finn goes to meet Ken where he tells him that he doesn't want to choose between glee and football because he thinks it's uncool to have to be forced to choose. Ken tells him that Thursday practice has been cancelled and asks Finn to tell the other guys. Sue walks up to Will and demands the setlist for Sectionals. Sensing her hostility, Will asks if things did not work out with Rod and Sue answers no. She also stops Quinn in the hallway to tell her that she is off the Cheerios indefinitely, leaving her in tears.

Will visits Emma in her office and tells her that he can't do the mash-up and Emma says it's because the songs don't go together, alluding to her and Ken's relationship. Before Will leaves, Emma thanks him for the dance lessons. Finn has returned to Glee Club, and gives everyone slushies as a way to say sorry. The club tells everyone that they were unable to find a song to mash with Bust a Move. Seeing Quinn downtrodden, Will asks if she is okay, and she answers that she'll be getting a slushie facial every day now that she's off the Cheerios. Will tells her that it'll be okay because everyone in Glee Club will be there to help her. The Glee Club soon learn that Will has never been hit with a slushie, and, good-naturedly, Will allows them to give him a twelve-slushie facial as a sign of unity. (Source)
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1x08: Mash-Up
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1x08: Mash-Up
Quinn in the episode
Finn gets hit with a slushie by football player Dave Karofsky, while walking with Quinn. This angers Quinn, and she defends Finn by telling Karofsky he and his friends are nothing. Karofsky claims Finn and Quinn don't have the popularity juice to do anything about it anymore. In the choir-room Quinn is seen washing Finn's face and talking with him about their popularity. They wear sunglasses under the guidance of Emma to make themselves seem cool again, which ends in them both getting slushied by Karofsky and the football team. Sue kicks Quinn off the Cheerios after being angered by catching Rod Remington kissing his co-worker, leaving her alone in the hallway, shocked.
Episode Quotes
QUINN: Status is like currency. When your bank account is full, you can get away with doing just about anything. But right now, we're, like, toxic assets.

QUINN: This is a disaster. Our reputation as McKinley High's "it" couple is in serious jeopardy if we don't find some way to be cool again, Finn.
KURT: [quietly to Mercedes] The slushie war has commenced.
MERCEDES: And if Finn and Quinn got nailed, none of us are safe.

QUINN: When my mom applied to college, she put being popular as her main extracurricular activity.
Songs Performed
Bust a Move (Young MC): Will Schuester with New Directions
Thong Song (Sisqó): Will Schuester
Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond): Noah Puckerman with New Directions
I Could Have Danced All Night (Cast of My Fair Lady): Emma Pillsbury

Unreleased Songs
What a Girl Wants by Christina Aguilera sung by Rachel Berry.

Background Songs
Flight Of The Bumblebee by The Swingle Swingers. Background music during the opening slushie scene.
Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing) by Louis Prima - Danced to by Will and Sue.
» New Directions performs Bust A Move by Young MC (Marvin Young). The first line in the second verse of the song says "Your best friend Harry". Mr. Schuester points to Mike Chang when he says it. Mike Chang is played by 'Harry Shum Jr'.

» Lea Michele and James Earl later both appeared in the second season of Scream Queens (2015).

» Despite the episode title, there are actually no mash-ups in this episode.

» Matthew Morrison submitted this episode to the Emmys for his 2010 bid for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

» The songs I Could Have Danced All Night and Thong Song were originally going to be a mash-up in this episode, but the idea was scrapped and the two songs were used separately instead.

» Mercedes's line, "My weave!" in the opening sequence was ad-libbed by Amber Riley.

» When Karofsky slushies Finn, it's revealed that he is a hockey player. However, in subsequent episodes, he is a football player.

» This is the first episode in which a character sings two solos in the same episode.

» After Quinn and Finn have slushies thrown on them by the football team, one of the players walking past them slips on the slushies on the floor and falls over.
Episode Clips
1x09: Wheels
Episode title: Wheels
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Directed by: Paris Barclay
Original air date: November 11, 2009
US Viewers: 7.53 Millions
Episode number overall: 9
The glee club holds a bake sale to raise money for a wheelchair-accessible bus, so that paraplegic club member Artie can travel with them to Sectionals. Quinn struggles with the medical expenses incurred by her pregnancy, and Puck offers to support her. Sue accepts a student with Down syndrome onto the cheerleading squad and pays the school to build new wheelchair ramps, leading Will to question her motives. It transpires that Sue has an older sister who also has Down syndrome. Kurt and Rachel compete for a solo performance, but Kurt sabotages his own performance when his father receives harassing phone calls about his sexuality. Artie and Tina go on a date and share a kiss, but Artie feels betrayed when Tina admits she has been faking her own disability, a speech impediment, since sixth grade.
Quinn is watching the Cheerios practice for Nationals from the bleachers as Finn walks up to her. Finn tells her that Quinn is torturing herself by watching them, and Quinn remarks that she needs a distraction. She hands Finn a sonogram bill for $685 and tells him that there are going to be more expenses. Finn tells her he's been looking for a job, but has been unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Jacob is interviewing Sue and informs her that his blog is loaded with comments about with Quinn being off squad, and that the Cheerios have no shot at Nationals. He also questions if Sue kicked Quinn of because of the pregnancy scandal. At the same time, Will is speaking with Principal Figgins about getting a handicapable bus, but Figgins won't pay for it because it is too expensive and tells Will that he'll have to find a way to pay for it himself. In the choir room, Tina watches as Artie struggles to tie his shoes. Meanwhile Quinn and Finn are discussing possible jobs for Finn as Puck watches them with a surly look on his face. Will walks in and hands out sheet music to Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked. This excites Kurt, who is an avid Wicked fan, but is immediately disappointed when Will gives the solo to Rachel. Will then announces that the school won't be paying for Artie's special bus and proposes that they raise the money themselves by holding a bake sale. This idea is not well-received as several members simply suggest that Artie just drive to Sectionals with his father. Will is extremely disappointed in the group, but Artie just dismisses it and agrees to go with his dad.

The bell rings and everyone leaves the choir room. Will helps out Artie with his shoelaces and apologizes for the glee club's behavior. Artie asks Will if he could use the auditorium to practice and goes to sing Dancing with Myself. Artie begins to sing around the school and it's shown that he appears to have feelings for Tina. Will is watching him from afar and forms an idea. Kurt speaks up at the next choir rehearsal and asks to audition for the solo in Defying Gravity, but is rebuffed. Will then expresses his disappoinment in his glee club's insensitivity, and tells them that they'll be raising money by holding a bake sale or they won't go to Sectionals at all. He then has the A.V. club bring in eleven wheelchairs and tells them that they'll be spending three hours a day in the wheelchair and will be performing a wheelchair number. Over the week, several members are shown having great difficulty adjusting to their wheelchairs. Puck meets up with Quinn in the home economics room and gives her money for her doctor's bills, but Quinn rebuffs his efforts and tells him that she'll go to the grave swearing his baby is Finn's baby. After some harmless flirting, Quinn and Puck begin to have a food fight and is interrupted by Finn, who starts to become suspicious. At the local tire shop, Hummel Tires & Lube, Burt notices that Kurt seems to be out of it and asks what's wrong. Kurt tells him about his problems in glee club, and this leads to Burt confronting Figgins and Will about discrimination against his son. Will agrees to let Kurt audition for the solo, but Rachel finds this unfair when Will informs her that the glee club will be voting as she feels that they'll be biased in favor of Kurt. However, Kurt has the glee club swear they will judge fairly. Figgins calls Sue and Will into his office to discuss Will's assignment for the glee club. He is impressed with the project and advises Sue to do the same by holding open auditions for Quinn's vacant spot on the Cheerios. Sue immediately rejects this idea, but is ordered by Figgins to do it and to give it a try.

In the cafeteria, Finn, Puck, Quinn, and Santana are unsuccessful in selling cupcakes, which look terrible. Brittany comes by with a young girl with down-syndrome named Becky Jackson and offers to buy her a cupcake. Quinn then begins to berate Finn for his poor salesmanship, insisting that he can't raise a baby if he can't sell a cupcake. Finn feels attacked and he angrily kicks his wheelchair and storms off. Sue holds open try-outs for Quinn's spot on the Cheerios, and is disappointed with people like Mercedes, Kurt, a girl on the wrestling team, and Jacob. The last try-out is by Becky Jackson, who has trouble jumping rope. Despite this, Sue appoints Becky on the team. Will becomes suspicious of her intentions. Puck and Finn are talking in the hallway, and Puck begins to criticize Finn's poor performance in finding a job to help raise money for Quinn's baby. The two eventually get into a fist fight that is broken up by Will. Will interrogates them, but Puck lies and says he's stressed about the bake sale before walking off. In the auditorium, Artie is teaching the glee club how to perform in the wheelchairs. Will allows them to take a break and the glee club all wheel out of the room, except Tina. Tina tells Artie that she really admires him. Artie remarks that it's just like her stutter, and Tina begins to look guilty about something. She then asks Artie how he got in a wheelchair, and Artie reveals that he got into a car accident with his mother when he was eight years old. Artie then tells her that despite this, he still has the use of his penis, which puts off Tina and she wheels away, seemingly offended. Kurt is practicing the "high F" in the choir room for his audition for the solo. Meanwhile, Burt receives an anonymous phone call about Kurt's sexuality. At the tire shop, Kurt excitedly informs Burt that he hit the note, but Burt is visibly upset about the phone call. He tells Kurt about it and mentions that he's been trying his hardest to be supportive. He then says that he wishes Kurt's mother was still around, because she was better at dealing with these situations.

In the choir room, Finn is helping Rachel with her wheelchair and she expresses her worries about the diva-off. Finn gives her words of encouragement, and their conversation is interrupted by Quinn, who presents Finn with an overdue notice and warns Finn to get a job. After she leaves, Rachel offers Finn an idea on how to get a job. The glee club's bake sale hits a sudden urge in popularity. Santana tells Will that Puck found his Nana Connie's secret recipe, but Puck reveals in a voiceover that he actually spiked the cupcakes with marijuana that he got from Sandy Ryerson, intending to embezzle the money to give to Quinn for her doctor's bill. Sue is training Becky in the gymnasium and begins to criticize Becky's efforts. She tells her to hit the showers and is soon confronted by Will. Will expresses his concern over Sue's treatment of Becky, but Sue is insisting that Becky, despite her disability, just wants to be treated like everyone else. Will accuses Sue of having an ulterior motive, but Sue rebuffs him. Rachel walks into the choir room to begin the diva-off. Finn whispers that he's rooting for her and Will announces that they are about to start. Kurt begins to sing his version of Defying Gravity as the scene intercuts to Rachel's version. When the time comes to hit the high F, Kurt purposely blows the note, allowing Rachel to win the competition.

Puck meets up with Quinn to give her Artie's bus fund for her bills, but she rejects him again. However, she seems endeared by his efforts. She then apologizes for calling him a "Lima Loser". Suddenly, the two are interrupted by Finn, who gives Quinn his paycheck for his job that he got when Rachel convinced a manager to hire him, under the impression that Finn is actually handicapped. He then offers to give Quinn a ride to class and she accepts as Puck watches them roll off. Puck gives Will the money, which is more than enough for Artie's special bus. Artie, however, plans to use the money to have ramps installed in the auditorium. Figgins calls Will into his office to inform him that Sue has already paid for three ramps to be installed into the school, leaving Will to wonder why Sue would show such a random and out-of-character act of kindness. Sue is then seen signing a sign-in sheet at a nursing home. As it turns out, Sue has an older sister named Jean, who also has down-syndrome, which is why she allowed Becky be on the squad. Tina and Artie are racing each other in their wheelchairs. Tina jokes that Artie's had eight years of practice, but Artie equates his situation with her stutter. Tina then gets out of her wheelchair and kisses him. She then reveals to Artie that she has been faking her stutter all along because she didn't want to make a speech in 6th grade. She used her stutter as a way to get people to leave her alone because she was shy. Artie becomes upset and leaves, feeling betrayed by Tina's lie. Kurt comes by the tire shop and informs Burt that he lost the competition. He tells him that he blew the competition because he didn't want to see his dad get hurt like he did when he got the phone call. Kurt tells him that he loves Burt more than he loves being a star, which almost leaves Burt in tears.

At the end of the episode, after all the rehearsals in the wheelchairs, the glee club successfully manage to pull off a performance of Proud Mary in wheelchairs, which they dedicate to Artie. (Source)
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1x09: Wheels
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1x09: Wheels
Quinn in the episode
Finn finds Quinn watching Cheerios practice from the stands. The two of them talk about the financial difficulties with the pregnancy and Quinn rips Finn for not being man enough to find a job and help her raise their baby and tells him to get money because she needs maternity clothes before her baby bump explodes and she becomes "enormous." Puck gives Quinn some cash ($18) for their kid. She gives it back, saying she will go to her grave swearing it is Finn's baby, even if it comes out with a Mohawk. Puck suggests that it would be "pretty awesome" if the baby did, and this leads to them having a playful food fight. As it appears they are about to kiss, Finn walks in, leaving him somewhat suspicious. Puck goes out of his way to make cupcakes for the bake sale for Artie to earn money for Quinn, stating, "his baby mama was going to have it all." Puck tries again to give Quinn some cash from the cupcake fund. He explains that he's not really a screw-up and could offer Quinn a home and that they could be a family. She tells him she won't take the money from a friend in a wheelchair, but apologizes for calling him a "Lima Loser" earlier and goes on to tell him that he's "special and romantic." Finn comes up and tells Quinn he's finally gotten a job. She leaves with Finn, as they wheel away she looks back at Puck regretfully and he stares after her longingly. As Puck hands over the money from the bake sale she watches on with pride and approval. She performs background vocals inProud Mary in wheelchairs.
Episode Quotes
FINN: $685?
QUINN: That’s how much a sonogram costs. This is just the beginning. There’s going to be more doctor’s visits, vitamins, new clothes for when I explode.
FINN: What are we going to do?
QUINN: What are *you* going to do?
FINN: I’m looking for a job. I mean, no one’s hiring. I almost got in at Olive Garden, But they said I was too tall to be a busboy.
QUINN: Somewhere in that pea brain of yours is a man. Access him and tell him to prove to me that I chose the right guy to have a baby with.
FINN: I will. I-I’ll find a job.

QUINN: What about target?
FINN: Tried. Not hiring.
QUINN: Another doctor bill came to my parents’ house last night, Finn. We’re lucky that I’m clever and intercepted it. But we have to start paying these doctor’s bills or they’re going to go to a collection agency and then my parents are going to find out that I’m with child. *Your* child.

QUINN: What’s this?
PUCK: It’s what I have left over from my pool cleaning money. After I bought dip. And nunchakus. I was getting that you kinda need money. For our kid.
QUINN: For *my* kid. (she counts the money) 18 dollars.
PUCK: How much has Finn given you?
QUINN: Just stop. I told you before, I don’t care if that baby comes out with a mohawk, I will go to my grave swearing it’s Finn’s.
[She hands him back the money]
PUCK: It would be pretty awesome if it came out with a mohawk.
QUINN: (affectionately) You are such an egghead.

FINN: These cupcakes suck. That’s why we’re not selling any.
QUINN: It’s not about the cupcakes. It’s about us. Nobody wants to buy from losers. We’re in glee club *and* in wheelchairs.
PUCK: She has a point. Six months ago I could’ve sold 50 of these things on fear alone.

FINN: Well, with this one dollar, we have… one dollar.
QUINN: This is ridiculous.
FINN: Well, maybe if we put a jelly bean or something on top we’d sell more.
QUINN: Are you an idiot?! How am I supposed to trust you to take care of our baby when you can’t even figure out how to sell a damn cupcake?
FINN: Stop attacking me. I’m sick of it.
QUINN: Get a job.
FINN: I’m trying!

QUINN: You stole from the cupcake fund.
PUCK: No, I didn’t.
PUCK: Fine, I did. I made all those cupcakes. I’m all about being a team player, but my family comes first.
QUINN: I get it. And I’m sorry. I should have never called you a Lima loser. You’re not. You’re special and a romantic, and a good enough person to realize that we are not going to take money from a friend in a wheelchair.
Songs Performed
Dancing with Myself (Generation X (Nouvelle Vague version)): Artie Abrams
Defying Gravity (Cast of Wicked): Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry
Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival (Tina Turner version)): New Directions

Unreleased Songs
McKinley, Hey! by Glee sung by Mercedes Jones.

Background Music
Flight of the Bumblebee by The Swingle Singers. Background music when Sandy gives Puck some Chronic Lady.
Dancing with Myself by Generation X. Background music while the New Directions are getting used to the wheelchairs.
» Head choreographer Zach Woodlee stated that Proud Mary was one of the hardest numbers to do because of the ramps and wheelchairs.

» Ryan Murphy called this episode the "turning point" for Glee.

» During filming of the song Proud Mary, every cast member fell out of their wheelchairs at least once.

» Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Dianna went everywhere with their wheelchairs.

» Brad Falchuk was diagnosed with a very serious spinal cord problem. After undergoing surgery he made a full recovery and his experience inspired the plot line for this episode.

» The story of Kurt being initially denied the chance to audition for Defying Gravity was inspired by Chris Colfer who told Ryan Murphy that the same happened to him in drama club.

» Some of the actors had trouble learning to distribute their weight properly, which resulted in some of the chairs being flipped backwards.

» Lea Michele apparently was prone to flipping the chair backwards and hitting her head. Amber Riley at one point caught the edge of ramp and fell off completely.
Episode Clips
1x10: Ballad
Episode title: Ballad
Written by: Brad Falchuk
Directed by: Brad Falchuk
Original air date: November 18, 2009
US Viewers: 7.36 Millions
Episode number overall: 10
The glee club members are split into pairs to sing ballads to one another. Rachel is paired with Will and develops a crush on him. Will struggles to let Rachel down gently, recalling that the last student he turned down almost died after eating the world's hottest pepper in her grief. Finn and Quinn's parents learn that Quinn is pregnant, and she moves in with Finn and his mother when her own parents throw her out. Puck reveals to Mercedes that he is the father of Quinn's baby.
Will introduces the concept of "ballads" to the glee club. He informs them that this year at Sectionals, they'll have to perform a ballad and will have them partnered up with another glee club member: Puck gets Mercedes, Artie picks Quinn, Finn pulls out Kurt's name, Tina receives Mike, and Santana gets Brittany. This means that Rachel will be singing with Will because Matt is out sick for the week. While Will is initially reluctant, they two sing Endless Love where it's become evident that Rachel is beginning to have feelings for Will. Quinn and her mother, Judy, are fitting her dress for the Chastity Ball, which Quinn's mother mentions is very important to her father. Just then, Quinn's father, Russel, comes in and the pair dote on how wonderful a daughter Quinn is, making her feel extremely guilty. They then ask Quinn how Finn is and mention that they invited him for dinner. Rachel comes by to give Will a present: a tie with gold stars, which she mentions is "kind of her signature thing" and tells Will that he can wear it and think of her. Will goes to visit Emma and expresses his concern over Rachel and her growing infatuation with Will. Will then recalls a similar situation with a girl named Suzy Pepper. Suzy was obsessed with Will, and would even call his house in the middle of the night, disturbing him and Terri when they were asleep. Taking Terri's advice to handle it, Will would set Suzy straight, which resulted in Suzy becoming depressed and attempting to commit suicide by eating the hottest pepper in the world. Will then mentions that because of this, he can't just tell Rachel to back off, so Emma suggests he sing his rejection.

Kurt and Finn are practicing in the auditorium, but Finn is too freaked out to sing to a guy. Kurt shamelessly flirts with Finn, which doesn't go unnoticed, and Finn mentions that he is stressed over the baby. Kurt then suggests that he sing I'll Stand by You by The Pretenders to express his feelings. However, while Finn singing the song to a sonogram photo on his laptop, Finn's mother, Carole, catches him and he tearfully admits that Quinn is pregnant. Quinn is furious that Finn told his mother, and worries that Carole will tell her parents. Kurt takes the opportunity to incept the idea that girls are the cause of his problem. Kurt reveals in a voiceover how he fell in love with Finn and is determined to win his affections.

Rachel meets with Will, who is accompanied by Emma, in the choir room. Will then tells Rachel to listen closely to the lyrics of his mash-up of Don't Stand So Close to Me and Young Girl. He then sings her the song, but she is too infatuated to even notice the meaning behind the lyrics. Emma is also shown to be extremely enamored by the song. Rachel happily walks out of the choir room, but doesn't notice that she is being watched by Suzy Pepper. Kurt helps out Finn by looking for something Finn can wear to the Fabray dinner. Finn finds a chest of his father's old things, and Kurt reminisces about his mother, who had passed away when he was little. Finn then expresses his concern on how to tell the Fabrays the truth, and Kurt suggests he uses his voice. Will comes home to find Rachel. Terri had let her inside their home to help out around the house. Will is upset about this and argues with Terri about the many school girl crushes he's had. Will decides to take Rachel home, but she tries to serenade him with Crush. Will turns the radio off and Rachel mentions that she needs someone who can keep up with her intellectually. Rachel is confronted by Suzy in the hallway, who warns her to stay away from Will. Meanwhile, Mercedes meets up with Puck in the choir room to rehearse for their ballad. Mercedes mentions that none of the other glee kids can sing their ballads because they're too concerned about Finn and Quinn's baby drama. Having heard enough about the sympathy Finn's getting, Puck reveals that he is actually the father for Quinn's baby. Mercedes tells him to back off.

At the Fabray dinner, Russel makes a toast to how perfect his family is. Finn excuses himself to go to the bathroom to call Kurt, who encourages him to sing the ballad they had been working on. Finn returns and decides to take the time reveal that Quinn is pregnant by singing (You're) Having My Baby. This only makes the situation awkward and when the Fabrays realize that Quinn is actually pregnant, they pull them into the living room for a talk, which ends in Russel coldly kicking Quinn out of the house. Quinn then tells her mother that she knew about her mother knowing she was pregnant, but never did anything about it. Finn takes Quinn to his house and asks Carole if she can stay with them for a few days. Carole then says that Quinn can stay as long as she wants. Rachel is again confronted by Suzy once again in the bathroom. Suzy advises her that a relationship between her and Will would never work and tells her to have more respect for herself. Rachel meets Will in the choir room again to practice their ballad, but Will decides to take the time to tell her that her crush needs to stop. Rachel begins to cry, but Will gives her words of encouragement and tells her that she'll find someone. Finn tells Kurt what happened with the Fabrays. Kurt apologizes for his bad ideas, but Finn thanks him because the secret is out and there is nothing to hide anymore. Finn then suggests they work on Kurt's ballad, and Kurt tells Finn that he honestly loves him, but Finn thinks it's the name of a song. Mercedes interrupts the two to ask them to go the choir room. The glee club gathers Quinn and Finn where they dedicate the song Lean on Me to them, which moves them to tears. (Source)
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures >
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Stills >
Quinn in the episode
Quinn is furious Finn told his mother about her pregnancy and is worried her parents might find out. While trying on her dress for the Chastity Ball, Quinn's mother notices it's no longer fitting Quinn because her baby bump is getting very round and showing more and her mother says to exercise more. She passes it off as having a big lunch at school. Quinn's father pops into the room and tells Quinn he wants to have Finn over for dinner and ask her if he's treating her well enough. At dinner, Finn begins to get nervous when Quinn's father makes a toast. He excuses himself and calls Kurt for help who he had previously gotten advice from to sing his feelings. He heads back out and sings to Quinn in front of her parents, which Quinn is angered by at first, but soon turns heartened. After Quinn's father angrily interrupts the song, he confronts Finn and Quinn about her being pregnant. Finn says they didn't have sex, but her doesn't believe Finn. Quinn is upset that her mother must have known that she was pregnant but did nothing out of fear of what Quinn's father would say. After the fierce argument between them and Quinn's father, he kicks her out. Finn brings Quinn to his own home, and his mother tells her she can stay with them as long as she needs to. The Glee kids sit Finn and Quinn down and sing Lean on Me in order to show support for them when they'll need it most.
Episode Quotes
JUDY FABRAY: Sweetie, I’ m so proud of you. The Chastity Ball is so important to your father.
QUINN: [voiceover] God, I miss the firm support of my polyester Cheerios uniform! The control panel hid my baby bump perfectly.
JUDY: (zipping QUINN’s dress) That’s odd. We had this custom-made a month ago.
QUINN: I had a really big lunch today at school. Really big tacos.
JUDY: (JUDY feels QUINN’s stomach and realizes she’s pregnant, but decides to ignore it.) No worries, sweetie. I’ll just take it down to the tailor tomorrow. We’ll let it out a little bit. The problem here, honey, is, you know, I just don’t think you’ve been getting enough exercise ever since you quit the Cheerios. Am I right?
QUINN: Yeah. Yeah. That’s right.
JUDY: I mean, you used to spend hours every day doing backflips and high kicks, and now, I mean, now you spend all your free time sitting on a stool in the dark singing show tunes. Do you know how many calories you burn singing? Hmm? Not very many.

QUINN: I can’t believe you told your mom. What if she tells my mom?
FINN: No, she’s not.
QUINN: Half the school knows. Your mom knows. Who else do you want to tell? Huh?
FINN: But she’s not going to tell anybody.
QUINN: You’re wrong, I’m right. I’m smart, you’re dumb.

RUSSELL: When you were about five years old, I took you and your sister down to an Indians game. All the other dads brought their sons, but my two girls were enough for me.
QUINN: Daddy.
RUSSELL: Your sister made it through the whole game, but you fell asleep in my lap. I kept hoping nothing exciting would happen, 'cause I didn’t want the crowd to get too loud– …wake you up. Didn’t matter. You stayed asleep in my arms till the game ended.
QUINN: Daddy, I’m so sorry.
RUSSELL: (sighs) You need to leave.
QUINN: Wait. Please, Daddy can we talk about this? Finn is a good guy. He loves me.
RUSSELL: You, too. Get out of my house.
FINN: You can’t do that. She didn’t do anything wrong. Please, Mrs. Fabray, do something.
QUINN: Don’t bother, Finn. (crying) If she wanted to do something, she would’ve when she found out that I was pregnant.
RUSSELL: (to Judy) You knew?
JUDY: I– no. She didn’t tell me anything.
QUINN: But you knew. And I needed you. I needed my mom. And you were so scared of what he would do if he found out you just pushed it aside like we do every bad feeling in this house. If you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist.
RUSSELL: Now do not turn this on us! You are the disappointment here!
QUINN: Why? Because I’m not a little girl anymore? Because I made a mistake?
RUSSELL: Who are you? I don’t recognize you at all.
QUINN: I’m your daughter. Who loves you. And who knows this must be really hard for you, but I just need my daddy to hold me, and tell me that it’s going to be okay. Please. (crying)
Songs Performed
Endless Love (Lionel Richie and Diana Ross): Rachel Berry and Will Schuester
I'll Stand by You (The Pretenders): Finn Hudson
Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl (The Police/Gary Puckett & The Union Gap): Will Schuester
Crush (Jennifer Paige): Rachel Berry
(You're) Having My Baby (Paul Anka and Odia Coates): Finn Hudson
Lean on Me (Bill Withers): New Directions

Background Music
More Than Words by Extreme when Suzy Pepper eats a pepper.
» During (You're) Having My Baby, Dianna kept laughing as Cory sang to her. Cory forgot his lines as soon as he saw Dianna laugh.

» The Lean on Me scene was actually the first time both Dianna and Cory had seen it, they knew the cast was singing the song but hadn't heard it. They were not allowed in rehearsals with the rest of the cast.

» "Ballad" was the episode submission of Dianna for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, but her nomination failed to make the final cut.

» When this episode aired in the U.K., it is entitled "Ballads" instead of Ballad.

» Every girl after Will in this episode has a food related name (Emma Pillsbury, Rachel Berry, Suzy Pepper, and Terri Delmonico — a type of steak).

» First time the piano-guy is actually called by his name, Brad (which happens to be his real name).
Episode Clips
1x11: Hairography
Episode title: Hairography
Written by: Ian Brennan
Directed by: Bill D'Elia
Original air date: November 25, 2009
US Viewers: 8.17 Millions
Episode number overall: 11
New Directions meets their Sectionals competition – Jane Addams Girls Choir for girls recently released from juvenile detention, and the Haverbrook Deaf Choir. Sue gives the New Directions' set list for Sectionals to the competing clubs in order to damage the glee club's chance of progressing to Regionals. Quinn reconsiders having her baby adopted, giving Puck a chance to prove that he would be a good father. They successfully baby-sit for Terri's triplet nephews together, but Quinn later learns that Puck spent the evening sexting Santana, and recommits to the idea of adoption. Kurt gives Rachel a bad makeover, trying to sabotage her attempts at attracting Finn.
Sue walks up to Will in the teacher's lounge, asking about the setlist for Sectionals. Will suspects that she is up to something, as Brittany has been videoing their rehearsals and Sue has been asking about the other schools New Directions will compete against. Will goes to talk to Emma about it, who advises him to not let Sue distract and simply go to the other schools and ask if they've been getting information. Will makes an appointment to have a meeting with the head director, Grace Hitchens, at Jane Addams Academy. After dealing with an unruly student, Grace meets with Will, who tells her about his suspicions of Sue. Grace becomes defensive and mentions that her school is underfunded and she won't risk cheating, which would set a poor example to her students. Will then decides to invite the girls over for a scrimmage match.

The girls come over and perform Bootylicious, which features a style of dancing that involves whipping their hair around. This gets Will nervous, but Rachel assures him that their dance style, called "hairography", is just a smokescreen for their poor choreography and vocals. Will, however, ignores her advice and decides to get the guys some wigs so they can perform the title song from the musical Hair. When confronted by Rachel, Will admits that the Jane Addams choir freaked him out and says they need to pull out all the stops to win. Puck gives Quinn a baby book he stole, which she finds endearing. She begins to wonder if she's making the right decision by giving up the baby and having a baby with Finn, who seems to be less capable of handling a child. Quinn decides that she needs to distract Finn while she gives Puck a test drive. She suggest to Kurt that he gives Rachel a makeover, so that Rachel can serve as a distraction for Finn. Kurt agrees. Terri and Will are in bed together, and Will tries to get intimate, which freaks Terri out. Terri starts thinking about her worries about keeping the fake baby secret. She then manages to come up with an idea. Kurt is attempting to give Rachel a makeover. Rachel then reveals that she's in love with Finn, which angers Kurt, so he devises a plan to get Rachel to dress up provocatively, insisting that Finn likes his women that way.

Terri surprises Will with an old car that reminds Will of the one he used to have in high school. Suddenly, Terri's sister Kendra stops by with Quinn, who tells Terri that she plans on keeping the baby. Will is confronted by the head director at Haverbrook, Dalton Rumba, who felt discriminated against after Will invited the Jane Addams choir. The director is comically deaf, and demands that Will holds a second scrimmage in the interest of equality. Will agrees to hold another scrimmage on Monday. Terri is stressing over the secret again and wants to tell him the truth. Will comes in and tells Terri how happy he is working on the car. Terri wonders how she'll be able to pull the hoax off, but Kendra tells her not to worry, as she has a plan on how to fool Will and get Quinn's baby. She proposes letting Quinn babysit her three unruly triplets to scare Quinn into giving up the baby. Rachel is walking down the hallway wearing a sexy dress, which goes noticed by Finn. She then makes an arrangement to meet together on Friday to work on a hairography. Finn agrees and goes over to tell Quinn that to tell her that he'll be busy on Friday. She tells him that it's fine because she has to babysit and goes over to Puck to ask him if he'd like to babysit with her.

At glee rehearsals, Will has Brittany teach the glee club how to perform hairography, as he catches Sue spying on them. He confronts her and she admits that she has been spying, but says it's because she can't stand the teaching style of using hairography. She then demands the setlist and warns him that it better not feature hairography. Finn is in Rachel's bedroom where they plan to work on his hairography. She comes out, dressed as Sandy from Grease, and they begin to sing You're the One That I Want. Finn then tells her that he liked her as she was, and mentions that Kurt knew about this, which leads Rachel to realize that Kurt tricked her and set her up. Puck and Quinn are babysitting the triplets, which leads to them being tied up together. After managing to break free, they decide to distract the kids with a song. Quinn performs Papa Don't Preach with Puck playing guitar, which seems to work with the kids. Kendra and Terri return home and are shocked to find that Quinn had managed to tame the triplets. Will talks with his brother-in-law Phil, who asks him what he's going to do when the baby comes as a carseat cannot be installed. Quinn and Puck are talking about how well they work together as parents. Rachel confronts Kurt and accuses Kurt of setting her up. Rachel then realizes that Kurt likes Finn. Kurt then tells her that there's no hope for either of them because Finn loves Quinn and they're having a baby together. Meanwhile, Quinn is confronted by Santana, who warns Quinn to stay away from Puck. Quinn tells her that Puck cares about her, but Santana reveals that while they were babysitting, Puck was trading sexual texts with Santana, but Puck had told Quinn that he was texting Mike.

Will has the Havebrook kids gather into the choir room to perform their scrimmage match and presents the New Directions, who put on a hairography-filled performance of Hair/Crazy in Love which doesn't go over very well with the Haverbrook kids, who think they look crazy. Rachel wonders if they did well, but Will reassures her that they need more practice. The Haverbrook then get up to perform Imagine in sign language, and are soon joined by the New Directions. This inspires Will to put an end to the gimmick of hairography. Quinn walks up to Puck at his locker and takes his phone. It turns out that Santana was right and he was sexting her when they were babysitting. Quinn feels betrayed and later agrees to let Terri have the baby. Before she leaves their apartment, Quinn gives Will a hug, knowing he'll be a good father. Will surprises Terri with a new car, and tells Terri he sold the old car for one that's more family suitable. Quinn later apologizes to Finn for their fights and Finn admits that he was with Rachel on Friday, but nothing had happened. They walk away side-by-side, passing Rachel and Kurt along the way, who exchange looks and wave at each other. Will goes to see Sue to give Sue the setlist and tells her that he realizes that hairography was a stupid idea. He then gives the New Directions a new song to sing at Sectionals, but plans to use only stools with no gimmicks or distractions, receiving a thank you from Rachel.

Sue pulls in Grace and Dalton into her office to give them the New Directions' setlist. Grace is initially against the idea, but Sue manages to convince her and Dalton that winning Sectionals would be more beneficial for their show choirs than it would for the New Directions. The episode ends with the New Directions performing True Colors, led by Tina, with Finn, Kurt, Puck, Quinn, and Rachel all exchanging looks with each other. (Source)
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1x11: Hairography
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1x11: Hairography
Quinn in the episode
Quinn debates whether she made the wrong decision in cutting Puck out of her baby's life and choosing Finn instead. Quinn tells Kendra and Terri she wants to keep the baby. She decides to give Puck a chance by volunteering to babysit for Terri's sister Kendra's children and becomes impressed by the way Puck acts with them. She also sings Papa Don't Preach to impress the kids while Puck plays his guitar. Later in the episode, Santana tells Quinn that she and Puck had been sexting the whole time he was with Quinn, so she checks his phone and she again decides to give up the baby. She then reunites with Finn, both feeling guilty about their actions (she with Puck and he with Rachel) and they tell each other that they love each other. Her baby bump is starting to show a bit in this episode.
Episode Quotes
QUINN: (voiceover) Thank god for Puck. Thanks to him, I’m starting to realize that what I need right now, even more than looser pants, is acceptance. Everyone is putting so much pressure on me. It’s so easy for them to be distracted. I don’t have that luxury. I am under siege.

TERRI: You don’t drink diet soda, do you? Because the phosphoric acid causes male pattern baldness.
QUINN: The baby’s a girl.
TERRI: Women go bald, too.
KENDRA: You worry too much, Terri. Mom smoked and drank s bottle of riuniti on ice every night when she was pregnant with us and we’re totally normal. Just take your vitamins, stay out of the hot tub, and avoid rum-based drinks, and you’ll be fine.

QUINN: (voiceover) Maybe the problem isn’t that I don’t want to keep the baby. The problem is that I don’t want to keep the baby with Finn. Maybe I didn’t give Puck enough of a chance. He is the real dad, after all. Finn would freak if I started spending time with Puck though. I need to distract him so that I can take Puck for a test drive. But how? (Pans to Rachel) Mm, forget about it. She looks like a five year old. Still, maybe with a little bit of makeup…

QUINN: Hey, Kurt, can I pick your pink brain for a second?
KURT: Why hello, Quinn. To what do I owe the honor? I do believe this is the first time you’ve ever spoken to me.
QUINN: I’m sorry about that. Anyways, I have a proposition to make: A makeover.
KURT: I’m in! Makeovers are like crack to me.
QUINN: Uh-huh.
KURT: My suggestion…Spanx. Or a double-knit camisole with a control top for the baby bump. Also, babydoll dresses–dead giveaway.
QUINN: Not for me, for Rachel.
KURT: Why would I want to do that? I admit I like a challenge as much as the next guy, but Rachel somehow manages to dress like a grandmother and a toddler at the same time.
QUINN: My point exactly. You’re as concerned about the glee club succeeding as I am, and she’s a distraction. Look at her. She’s wearing a pantsuit.
(Pans to RACHEL wearing a bright blue pantsuit at her locker)
QUINN: Don’t you think the judges are going to take one look at her and maybe want to knock her down a peg or two?
KURT: And to think… I thought you were a dumb blonde. Deal.

SANTANA: Keep your paws off my man. Clear? (scoffs)
QUINN: Who’s your man?
SANTANA: Don’t play stupid, tubbers. Oh, and for the record, asking someone to babysit with you is super ‘90s.
QUINN: I happen to know that Puck cares about me.
SANTANA: Oh, wake up! While you two were babysitting, Puck and I were sexting.
QUINN: Sexting?
SANTANA: Sexy texting. Seriously, what era are you from? While you two were “playing house,” Puck and I were trading super-hot texts. Why don’t you check his cell phone? 'cause my sexts are too hot to erase.

FINN: Hey.
QUINN: Hi. Can we be in love again?
FINN: I have to tell you something first. I, uh…I want us to be honest with each other, no matter what.
QUINN: You can tell me anything.
FINN: Cool. Uh…It… It’s not really even that big a deal. I mean, I didn’t actually do anything, But, the other night, when you were babysitting…I kind of went over to Rachel’s house. But nothing happened. I… Just was worked up about us fighting and then she put on this really weird catwoman suit, and so I think something could have happened, but it didn’t. Because I only want to be with you.
QUINN: It’s all right. Thank you for being honest with me.
FINN: I love you, Quinn.
Songs Performed
Bootylicious (Destiny's Child): Jane Addams Academy
Don't Make Me Over (Dionne Warwick): Mercedes Jones
Papa Don't Preach (Madonna): Quinn Fabray
Hair/Crazy in Love (Cast of Hair/Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z): New Directions
Imagine (John Lennon): Haverbrook School for the Deaf and New Directions
True Colors (Cyndi Lauper): Tina Cohen-Chang with New Directions

Unreleased Songs
You're the One I Want from Grease sung by Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry.

Background songs
Don't Make Me Over by Dionne Warwick.
» One of the dancers in the Jane Addams Glee Club is the Assistant to the Choreographer Zachary Woodlee.

» Jane Lynch and Michael Hitchcock (Dalton Rumba) appeared together in the Christopher Guest mockumentaries Best in Show (2000) and A Mighty Wind (2003).

» Some of the members of the Jane Addams Academy Glee Club were contestants on another Fox show, So You Think You Can Dance.

» The crew of the show originally wanted Whitney Houston to play the part of Grace Hitchens. However, she declined to appear on the show.

» Hairography was actually taught to the cast by Heather Morris like shown in the show. The line she uses to explain it is how she explained it to show creator, Ryan Murphy, who decided to put it in the script.

» The word distract/distracted/distraction is said twenty times throughout the episode.

» When Quinn goes through Puck's phone, the text "Not wearing any" appears twice on the list of Puck's text history. Also, each text shown is under his "Sent" messages.
Episode Clips
1x12: Mattress
Episode title: Mattress
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Directed by: Elodie Keene
Original air date: December 2, 2009
US Viewers: 8.15 Millions
Episode number overall: 12
When the glee club is left out of the school yearbook, Rachel has the club members cast in a local mattress commercial in an attempt to raise their social status. The team is paid in mattresses, revoking its amateur status and rendering it ineligible to compete at Sectionals. Will discovers that Terri has been lying to him about being pregnant and walks out on her. He spends a night at the school using one of the mattresses, and thus steps down as club director so that the team is eligible to compete, but remains undecided over whether to end his marriage. Emma and Ken schedule their wedding for the same day as Sectionals.
Will sits with Emma and Ken in the teacher's lounge. They tell him that their wedding will be the following Saturday, on the same day as Sectionals. Sue walks in with a pair of black eyes, the result of having some work done prior to yearbook pictures. Sue tells Will she convinced Figgins not to allow Glee Club to have a yearbook picture this year. In the choir room, Kurt explains to everyone that not having a yearbook picture may save from them countless hours of ridicule. Everyone seems to agree, at which point Will comes in and promises them he will fight to get their picture in the yearbook. When Will complains to Figgins, the principal tells him his only option is to buy a quarter-page ad for Glee for $325. That will be enough room for two members. Figgins suggest he pick Finn and Santana, since they are least likely to have their faces vandalized. Rachel barges into the room demanding Glee have a picture before Will tells her the news. Rachel explains in a voiceover that she has joined every club possible in order to get her picture in the yearbook dozens of times. Unlike her other clubs however, Rachel is particularly proud of Glee. Quinn is watching Santana and Brittany as they look trough the yearbook and is saddened she's not on the Cheerios anymore. She decides, she wants to be on the squad again once the yearbook photos are being taken. Terri tells Will that he cannot use family funds to buy the ad for Glee. Will writes Figgins a check anyway, but asks him to wait a few days before cashing it. Will tells New Directions they must pick two team captains for the photo. Every single vote is for Rachel, and nobody else wants to be in the picture as they are all afraid of being defaced and ridiculed.

Will asks Emma how to find another kid to be in the picture. She apologizes for having to miss sectionals, and Will thinks Ken scheduled the wedding conflict on purpose. Emma defends Ken and Will ends up apologizing. Will asks Rachel to pick a co-captain. Everyone she contacts comes up with bogus excuses. Eventually she's able to convince Finn to do the picture with her. Rachel says she is going to teach Finn how to smile correctly via them singing a duo of Lily Allen's Smile. Several of Finn's football teammates tell him they are already planning to deface his Glee picture. Finn ends up not showing up for the photo shoot and Rachel was about to give up but decided to take the picture without him. (When You're Smiling). When the photographer tells Rachel he is directing a commercial, she convinces him to cast her and the glee club. Rachel tells Glee clubbers she's landed them their first "big break." The commercial is for mattresses and all the guys are excited.

During the read-through, Rachel is able to convince the storeowner to let them sing a mattress-hopping version of Jump as the commercial instead of a cheesy scenario. While looking for his pocket square, Will finds one of Terri's old fake pregnancy bellies. Furious, he goes to the kitchen and demands she show him her belly. The discovery leads to a huge fight, with Terri explaining the origins of the lie and telling him about adopting Quinn's baby. "I loved you Terri," he says. "I really loved you." and he storms out of the apartment. At school Will finds a stack of new mattresses given to Glee from the storeowner. He opens one and puts it in his office, in order to spend the night there. Sue spots the Glee kids' mattress commercial on TV. Quinn asks Sue to be in the cheerleader photo, however Sue dismisses this idea and tells her about how they won't be able to sing at Sectionals since they lost their amateur status trough the commercial.

Sue goes to Figgins and tells him that as New Directions has performed in a commercial and accepted payment for it (the mattresses), their amateur status has been revoked and they are no longer eligible for Sectionals. Worse, as one of the mattresses has been slept on, they cannot be returned or even given away. Will admits that he slept on the mattress as his marriage is in serious trouble. Figgins is sympathetic, but tells Will that his hands have been tied by the school board... the club is finished. Quinn shows up in Sue's office in her Cheerios uniform (showing a very noticeable baby bump). Quinn reminds her of all the swag she's been giving the Cheerios over the years. Quinn demands a full-page photo be given to Glee and she also demands a photo in the yearbook. Sue says she has to be in the back so no one sees her enormous belly, but tells Quinn that she reminds her of a young Sue Sylvester. Quinn changes her mind about being in the Cheerios again, stating that she would rather be part of a club that is proud to have her as a member. Emma tells Will he should focus on his own life. She says, though she wouldn't do what Terri did, she understands Terri's intentions in lying to Will.

Will tells the Glee kids that he has fixed it so that they can still compete at Sectionals, as he slept on the mattress, he is the one who accepted payment. As a result, only he is disqualified, but now cannot join them at competition. Everyone balks at this, certain they can't win without him there (they're not even convinced they can win with him there). Will reassured them that "If you can't win without me there, then I haven't done my job," he tells them. He asks that they take their Glee photo with pride, which they do. While getting ready for the picture the Glee kids sing Charlie Chaplin's Smile. We then see that the photo is mercilessly defaced by the jocks. (Source)
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1x12: Mattress
Glee (2009-2015) > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1x12: Mattress
Quinn in the episode
Just before the yearbook photos are taken, Quinn resolves to be back on the Cheerios after sitting with Brittany and Santana as they deface a Thunderclap. She blackmails Sue by threatening to reveal the fact that the cheerios make profit, which could get them disqualified from competition. Sue agrees to let her back on the squad. Sue then says she has to be at the back of the photo to hide her shame. She then makes a rude comment about Quinn's pregnancy. Offended, Quinn instead rejects her offer and tells her to give up one of her yearbook pages to the Glee Club as she rather be with people who accept her for who she is, forcing Sue to agree. Sue admits to Quinn that she forgot how ruthless Quinn really was. Quinn thanks Sue for indirectly teaching her this lesson, and then storms out, leaving Sue speechless. She performs background vocals in Jump and Smile.
Episode Quotes
QUINN: (voice over) I miss my cheerios uniform. Made me feel safe, contained. Even when I was feeling left out, at least I looked like I was a part of something.

QUINN: (voice over) I want my kids to be able to look back at these books and see who I was, make them proud. Not the bastard one I’m carrying now, of course, the ones I’ll have when I’m married and ready. I might not look like the head cheerleader anymore, but I’m still her on the inside. I’m done playing the victim. When that cheerleading picture is taken for the yearbook, I’m going to be in it and back on the squad, whether Sue Sylvester likes it or not.

WILL: Looks like everybody voted for Rachel. Including Rachel. But, we need two captains, guys.
QUINN: Why two? We’re fine with having Rachel represent us in the Thunderclap by herself.
KURT: We’d actually prefer it.

QUINN: Coach Sylvester, we need to talk.
SUE: Oh, I got nothing to say to you, preggo.
QUINN: The cheerios’ photo’s tomorrow, and I want back on that squad.
SUE: Oh, is that what you want? Well, what I wanted was a head cheerleader who wasn’t going to hoist her legs behind her ears in the backseat of the first station wagon she could jimmy open, throwing away any chance she ever had in life.
QUINN: It would be good for the school. Show everyone that appearances don’t matter. That sometimes people have to deal with a little adversity. I learned that in glee club.
SUE: Well, that little educational proverb must have slithered from Will Schuester’s mouth right after his lesson on how to disqualify yourselves from sectionals.
QUINN: What?
SUE: Saw your little commercial last night. Boy, did you glee kids step in it.

QUINN: I just heard that you got glee club’s amateur status revoked over a mattress, while you are constantly showering the Cheerios with swag. I’ve gotten free shoes, complimentary tanning, haircuts; the season tickets to Cedar Point- we sold those on eBay for a profit. It seems to me that if Figgins found out, you would get banned from competition.
SUE: Fine. You’re back on the Cheerios. I’ll put you on full-time dry cleaning duty and shove you to the back of the photo to hide your shame.
QUINN: I’m not finished. Glee club gets a full page photo.
SUE: That’s not up to me.
QUINN: You are giving up one of the Cheerios’ six pages and you are giving it to the glee club free of charge. SUE: You know, Q, I’d forgotten just how ruthless you really are. You’re like a young Sue Sylvester. Now, get out of my office if you can manage to squeeze through the door without your water breaking all over my new carpet.
QUINN: You know what? I don’t think I want to be a Cheerio after all. I don’t want to be on a team where I only appear to belong. I’d rather be a part of a club that’s proud to have me, like glee club.
Songs Performed
Smile (Lily Allen): Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry
Jump (Van Halen): New Directions
Smile (Charlie Chaplin): New Directions

Unreleased Songs
When You're Smiling by Louis Armstrong sung by Rachel Berry.

Background Songs
You Might Think by The Cars. Background song during Rachel's search for co-captain.
» This episode was originally called Once Upon a Mattress, but for some reason was shortened to just Mattress. This is perhaps due to the copyright conflict that could be generated due to a play with the same name.

» In many countries they still used the original title, but translated: "{Erase una vez un colchón" (Once Upon a Mattress) in Mexico and Spain and "Era Uma Vez Um Colchão" in Brazil.

Episode Clips