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Quinn Fabray

“Being a hot seventeen-year-old, you can get away with or do pretty much anything you want, so I kind of always assumed that people were nice and accommodating.”

When we first meet the kids at McKinley High, Quinn is introduced as the most popular girl at school. She came across like the typical mean girl, and was the head cheerleader and captain of the Cheerios at the school. Stunningly beautiful, daughter of a wealthy family, the girlfriend of the captain of the football team, she appeared both snobby and mean, with a superiority complex over the other students. However, as time went on, Quinn began to appreciate the kindness and support her glee club teammates showed her, especially through her pregnancy, which she never really got from being on the Cheerios.

Birthday: 1994
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 117
Address: Dudley Road, Lima, Ohio, New Haven, Connecticut
Occupations: Student at Yale University
Aliases: Q, Lucy Caboosey
Family: Beth Corcoran (daughter), Russel Fabray (father), Judy Fabray (mother), Frannie Fabray (sister; mentioned)

Character Trivia
  • In the early drafts of the pilot episode, Quinn’s name was originally Liz Fabray.
  • Dianna was the last actor to be cast in the first season, which is why Quinn barely appears in the Pilot.
  • Her cold stare and raised eyebrow is said by both Dianna Agron and the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, to be a slight nod to Bette Davis’ character, Margot Channing, in All About Eve.
  • She is the first character chronologically to change schools due to bullying, the others being Blaine, Kurt, and Kitty.
  • Her voice became deeper during the second and third season, because Dianna broke her nose twice.
  • She has a different haircut every season.
  • She was the first main cast character of New Directions to leave the show.
  • She sang the least out of the original main cast New Directions.
  • She was absent in the episode Choke because Dianna had a meeting in France for her film The Family.
  • She was meant to be a really cruel character, but after the writers saw Dianna’s personality, they eventually decided to give her a soul, conscience, and vulnerability.
  • She along with Artie, Carole, Emma, Figgins, Kurt, Mercedes, Noah, Rachel, Santana, Sue, Terri, Tina and Will are the only characters to appear in the first and last episode.
  • She appeared in a total of 73 episodes and sang in a total of 44 songs throughout her time in the series.
  • For every duet she sung, it’s with a new character, except for (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life and Up Up Up, where she already sung with Sam and Artie (Lucky and I’m Still Standing respectively).

Finn Hudson: In the beginning of the series, Quinn and Finn are the power couple of McKinley High. Finn is the captain of the football team while Quinn is the captain of the Cheerios. Over the course of the first season, Finn struggles with his feelings for Rachel, drawing jealousy from Quinn. Quinn is very demanding and obsessed with popularity, often raising the question if Quinn was only with Finn for the social status. When Quinn reveals she is pregnant in Preggers, Finn tries his best to support her in any way possible. However, after Rachel reveals that Puck, Finn’s best friend, is actually the father of Quinn’s baby, Finn angrily yells at Quinn and ends their relationship. In Season Two, Finn, burned by Rachel’s infidelity, pursues Quinn despite being in a relationship with Sam. They get back together for a short while, before Finn breaks things off because he is still in love with Rachel. Although Quinn is angered by this, they eventually remain good friends until his unexpected death in the fifth season.

Noah Puckerman: One night, Quinn gets drunk off wine coolers and sleeps with Puck without a condom, resulting in Quinn getting pregnant. However, despite Puck’s efforts to support her, she rejects him and claims that she will go to her grave swearing that Finn is the real father. When the truth is revealed, Quinn and Finn break up and she attempts to pursue a relationship with Puck. However, it is only brief and they eventually end things. In Journey, Quinn goes into labor and gives birth to their daughter Beth. After she is born, Quinn asks Puck if he loves her and he tells her he does. After Beth’s birth, they don’t have much interaction until the third season when Beth’s adoptive mother Shelby returns. Tension arises between the two when Quinn tries to get Beth taken away from Shelby and learns that Puck is having an affair with Shelby. Eventually, she lets go of the plan to get Beth back and they resume their friendship. In Goodbye, Quinn tells Puck she loves him and kisses him to encourage him to study for his government exam. In 100, when they both return to McKinley High following New Directions loss at Nationals, Quinn is in a new relationship with a pretentious snob, who treats her poorly when he learns about the pregnancy, causing Puck to come to her defense. Afterwards, he asks her to give him a chance at a real relationship, which she accepts.

Sam Evans: In the second season, Quinn initially decides to be independent. However, after Rachel and Finn plot to set Quinn up with Sam, she becomes open at the possibility of pursuing a relationship. In Furt, Sam gives Quinn a promise ring, to always be faithful and he would be the same. Later on, in Special Education, Will has them both sing the duet at Sectionals. At first, they seem like the picture perfect couple, even once being referred to as “Ken and Barbie,” but after Finn seduces Quinn into cheating on Sam, they end their relationship. Despite the circumstances of their break-up, Quinn remains good friends with Sam, even helping his family out when they suffer financial troubles.

Joe Hart: Quinn first meets Joe during The God Squad meeting in Heart, but nothing is discussed about their relationship until Big Brother when Joe befriends her, following her car accident. In Dance with Somebody, Quinn and Joe sing a duet together for the weekly assignment in glee club. During one of her physical therapy sessions, Quinn is disappointed when Joe pulls away from a kiss they almost share, but he later admits that he does has feelings for Quinn. In Prom-asaurus, Joe continues to help her with physical therapy. When Quinn gets into an argument with Finn over her being able to walk, Joe quickly comes to her defense. No relationship is further pursued and they never interact after Season Three.

Biff McIntosh: Quinn reveals in 100 that she is dating Biff McIntosh. Although they have been dating for three months, Biff is unaware of Quinn’s past. After Puck sings Keep Holding On, she is inspired to reveal the truth to Biff, which he does not take kindly and insults her. Quinn angrily twists his nose and Puck comes in, beats up Biff and tosses him in a dumpster. Their relationship ends and Quinn moves on to reunite with Puck. (Credit)


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