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Since the early days of her career, Dianna has stated that she loves to do behind the camera work as well as acting, as then she gets the full control over all the things she can’t control as an actress. She has done both short films and music videos in the past, and more recently also the feature film “Berlin, I Love You” (2018). To learn more about each of the productions she has directed, click the titles below for their respective pages. You can also visit our “Directing” section of the press archive for all the articles and interviews related to Dianna’s directing projects.

About directing I like the idea of putting things together, it just seemed a normal progression of what I’ve learned over the past years acting. As an actress, sometimes I found it very frustrating not to have the full view of the movie and I found out that I like having control behind the camera, search for the right way to frame, and to work on the characters with the actors.

2009: A Fuchsia Elephant (Short film; also acting, writer and producer. Link directs to the short films page)

2010: “Body” – Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (Music video)

2014: “Till Sunrise” – Goldroom (Music video)

2015: L’Américaine (Short film for Tory Burch)

2018: Berlin, I Love You (Film; also acting. Link directs to the full film page.)