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Giffoni Film Festival 2012

When it was announced in June 2012 that Dianna was be a guest at the Giffoni Film Festival, an “unprecedented mobilization of fans” (according to GFF) was created. Buses from all over Europe where coming with kids and youth, especially from Germany and Norway. People also came to the event from all over Italy. After the diffusion of Dianna’s participation in Giffoni Film Festival, the official Glee Italia fan page has had a huge number of hits per day, 7,000 visitors on the Giffoni website, thousands of “Like” and sharing on Facebook, over 3,000 posts on this great Festival’s event and 5,5000 posts on Twitter and even on Google it was classified as Top News.

Around 1500 youth showed up to meet Dianna through a “Meet and Gleek“, the exclusive meeting dedicated to a delirious crowd of youngsters aged 12 to 18. In addition many fans waited for her outside, in the hope they’d get a glimpse of our girl. Enthusiasm peaked when Dianna – after being welcomed as a real star and answering the several questions of the teenage audience – threw two girls into raptures, asking them to join her on the stage. The three of them sang Beatles’ “Hey Jude”, and in no time the whole audience start accompanying their gleeful singing. Dianna also posed for the photographers with her brand new Giffoni Award.

The Giffoni Film Festival is amazing. The TV series “Glee”, protagonist today at Gff, has been cheered by hundreds of frenzy fans and some of them had been waiting for their darling since daybreak in front of Cittadella del Cinema.

She wore a multicoloured dress, red lips like a 50s diva and sandals labelled “Made in Positano”. Before the meeting with the Festival jurors, Dianna Agron has answered journalists’ questions during the press conference. She looked happy and smiled with joy, admitting to be very proud to be in a very important Festival like this. She also said: “Here in Giffoni, youth and kids from all over the world meet each other, become friends and in the meantime talk about cinema and art. It’s amazing!”.

The secret of the TV series success in which Dianna is playing and will play the role – as long as it makes sense to do it – lies in its themes: “Everybody likes music and dance” – she explained – “and then, the protagonists are considered as ‘losers’ and young people identify themselves with them”.

When she was a teenager, the actress wasn’t a real “loser” , neither the coolest girl in the school – she tried to say the Italian word for “loser” and pronounce it clearly during the conference. “I liked singing and dancing. I used to be with my friends and I always wore jeans and T-shirt”.

Dianna Agron is ready to leave for Paris, where she is going to star in the new Luc Besson film, alongside Robert De Niro. She also added that she wouldn’t refuse any other roles in Italian films “just in case the are right with me”. Then, she didn’t reveal any new development in the new episodes of the TV series which made her famous worldwide, except for her character Quinn Fabray who – how also filtered out of the web – will go to Yale University. No more.

Which song would she like to sing in next instalments?

“Moon River” , the new diva answered without hesitation. Who knows? Maybe she will become the new Audrey Hepburn of our times, considering her grace and elegance today at GFF. The American magazine “People” has included her in the most beautiful girls ever top 100.

At Sala Truffaut, Dianna Agron has been swept away by passion of her screaming and enthusiastic fans. She met the jurors of the 42nd Giffoni Film Festival edition and she was given a very special surprise by them, in fact there was the screening of a video which had been shot today morning – shortly before the great actress arrival in Giffoni – in which lots of fans welcome her.

Congratulations, unconditional and authentic respect, love in the eyes of some fans who are the protagonists of the intense and short film; it’s just love which goes straight to Agron’s heart.

As soon as the light turn on again in the cinema, she feels moved. With her voice broken with crying, she thanked kids and youth there and then she was given a standing ovation by them, who started singing “Somebody to love” by The Queen.

The star said: “This is amazing at all! I wish I had joined a festival like this when I was your age”.