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• Dianna was born in Savannah, Georgia, but was raised in San Fransisco, California to Mary Agron and Ronald Agron, a general manager for the Hyatt hotel chain.

• Dianna’s father is from a Jewish family (from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Latvia, and Estonia). Their original surname, “Agronsky”, was altered when they immigrated. Dianna’s mother has English, German, and Irish ancestry, and converted to Judaism when marrying Dianna’s father.

• Began dancing at age 3, first focusing on jazz and ballet, then later taking up hip-hop. When she was a teenager she used to teach it to younger kids.

• She lived with her Glee co-star Lea Michele for half a year when they were both on the show

• She is a vegetarian and a supporter of PETA.

• She is a big fan of Tim Burton.

• Tattoos: Left rib cage that says “Mary had a little lamb”, referencing her mother Mary, and herself being the lamb, which is her nickname from her mother.

• Likes to spend time in graveyards as she finds it peaceful, and is very interested in gloomy, death-related things (e.g. skulls, cemeteries, etc.).

• Has some picky eating habits, including a strong dislike for foods touching each other on the plate.

• Fifth cousin, once removed, of singer Jack Gilinsky. Her paternal four times great-grandparents, Shmuel Labe Agronsky and Fruma Chana Bakhrakh, were also Jack’s paternal five times great-grandparents.

• Dianna loves to cook, be outdoors, and spend time with family and close friends.

• Dianna’s lucky numbers are 3 and 13

• At the age of 15, she learned that her father had multiple sclerosis

• Dianna and musician Winston Marshall became engaged in 2016 and got married on October 15 of that year.

• Dianna has hosted a mini music festival for 826LA titled “Chickens In Love” in Los Angeles.

• Have had her nose broken twice. The first time it broke, she was accidentally caught between two people in an argument at a high school party. The second time was during the Glee concert tour, and this time she had to undergo nose surgery to fix the damage the two hits had done to her nose.

• Dianna is allergic to cats. She and Lea adopted a stray kitten when they lived together, as Dianna couldn’t remember if she was or wasn’t allergic. By the time she found it, they were too attached to get rid of it. The cat eventually moved with Lea when they moved to separate places.

• Why is she called Charlie? Dianna visited two psychics and both readings revealed a person called “Charlie”, which was attributed to being her name in a past life. She has since adopted it as a nickname.

• Dianna is a longtime fan of Audrey Hepburn

• She loves photography, just like her little brother who is a professional photographer.

• In her free time, Dianna loves to write screenplays.

• She chose “felldowntherabbithole” as her Tumblr URL, referencing Alice in Wonderland.

• She owned a dog named Arthur, who passed away in December 2012 from lung cancer.

• She still owns her first childhood toy: a stuffed bear named Teddy Bear.

• She was crowned homecoming princess in her junior year of high school.

• She came second place in “Spelling Bee for Cheaters,” a nonprofit event for charity held by 826LA.

• She went to her first concert with her father to see The Who.

• She has an obsession with strange pets and plans to own an octopus. She considers elephants to be her favorite non-domesticated animal.

• She was in honors classes in high school.

• She cannot perform cartwheels.

• She has never broken a bone (except from her nose, that it)

• Her middle name is Elise. Fans had widely assumed it was “Charlotte” back in her early Glee days, as one of her pet nicknames is “Charlie.”

• Dianna’s Twitter account was hacked on the 18th December 2011, and started many trending topics (For example: #DirtyDianna). The hacker also got into Dianna Agron’s personal email, and started leaking songs, scripts and episode titles.

• She used “alittlelamb” as her Twitter username since June 19, 2009. On June 15, 2011, she changed it to “DiannaAgron” for easier distinction. It is believed the change was made so her account could be officially verified by Twitter, which happened shortly afterwards.

• She is a supporter of the San Jose Sharks, as seen on her Tumblr when she and co-star Naya Rivera are seen wearing Sharks hockey jerseys.

• On June 11, 2011 during a show in Toronto of the Glee Live Tour, she chose to wear a “Likes Girls” shirt instead of her usual “Lucy Caboosey” shirt for the performance of Born This Way. She later wrote about it on her tumblr expressing her support for the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgendered) citizens.

• She drives a grey/silver coloured Audi A4.

• Dianna loves halloween, and prefers to be funny rather than sexy. Some of her past costumes include Reptar from Rugrats and Tweety Bird.


• Was cast on Glee (2009) just two days before the pilot began shooting.

• For her Glee audition, Dianna sang the song “Fly me To the Moon”.

• The Glee producers were initially hesitant to cast her because she exuded too much innocence for the role of Quinn.

• She sent in an audition for the role of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). The role eventually went to Emma Stone.

• In 2009, Dianna wrote, directed, produced, and starred in her own short filmed titled, A Fuchsia Elephant.

• Dianna appeared in a series of short films that were made by her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia entitled It’s a Mall World.

• In October and November 2006, Dianna had 4 different guest roles in popular television series: Close to Home (27th October), CSI: NY (1st November), Drake & Josh (12th November) and Shark (16th November).

• Her name was misspelled as Dianna Argon in the credits for the Heroes episode “Four Months Later…”

• Did a photoshoot with Lea Michele and Cory Monteith for GQ magazine which was highly critized. Parents of kids who were fans of Glee thought the shoot was too controversial, and Dianna went out in 2010 and apologized for it. Her brother told Radar Magazine that the backlash was absolutely outrageous, and that there was nothing wrong with 20 year olds doing a photoshoot like that.

• According to Robert Ulrich, the casting director for Glee, Dianna Agron is a serious triple threat (singing, dancing and acting).

• She and Brad Falchuk are the ones who drew Puck’s “Clown Pig” that he gave to Beth in I Am Unicorn.

• Both I Am Number Four and Glee, the two things she is most known for, are set in Ohio.

• She wrote co-star Chris Colfer’s paragraph for Time’s 100 Inspirational People list.

Fashion & Beauty

• Named one of People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People of 2010.

• She was ranked number three on Shalom Life’s list of the 50 most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous Jewish women in the world.

• She was considered the best dressed Glee cast member by Naya Rivera.

• Dianna thinks it’s so much sexier to be pale and to be health conscious, than to tan so much you harm your skin.

• Dianna says that the older she becomes, the sexier she feels.

• She never allows more than an hour for the styling part ahead of red carpet appearances

• She has had a lot of different hair colors over the year – pink, red, brown, black, blonde.