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I’ve searched through Dianna’s interviews and social media and collected some of her favorite things! Read on below to learn more about the things she likes, but keep in mind that as with most people, Dianna’s favorites change every now and then. This page will be updated as soon as we learn something new about thing things she loves, and we will do our best to always keep the list as accurate as possible. Please do not re-post these without credit.

Favorite film: Beasts of the Southern Wild (2013), all-time favorite is Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Favorite chick-flick: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Favorite childhood shows: Lucy, Ninja Turtles, Doug, Real Monsters

Favorite children books: Alice, Narnia & all Roald Dahl

Favorite band: Radiohead

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite Disney song: Everybody Wants to be a Cat

Favorite tourist spot: Visiting Catacombs

Favorite bookstore: City Lights

Favorite cereals: Life cereal and Cap’n Crunch

Favorite Bay Area restaurant: Sapore Italiano

Favorite perfume: Tom Ford tobacco vanille, Hanae Mori’s Magical Moon fragrance

Favorite mascara: W3LL People Bio Extreme Mascara

Favorite drugstore product: Baby oil. “It’s the best eye makeup remover.”

Favorite beauty oil: Caudalie Overnight detox oil

Favorite hobbies: Acting, dancing, writing, reading, hanging out with friends

Favorite beauty icons: Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Anna Karina, Sophia Loren.

Favorite color: Purple, Pink

Favorite Food: Veggies

Favorite film cheerleaders: Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Gabrielle Union & Kirsten Dunst (Bring It On), Ali Larter (Varsity Blues), Miss Olivia Newton John