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It’s A Mall World

Dianna as Harper

It’s A Mall World is a 13 episode series of short comedy films made exclusively for American Eagle Outfitters. The series explores the lives and relationships of two record store employees, an “object of perfection” greeter at the American Eagle store across the way, as well as a slightly psychotic girl who works in a lingerie store, and a bad-boy poseur from the requisite mall juice bar. The show was directed by Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls, Heroes and Rocky Balboa) and produced by Russ Cundiff for Divide Pictures, and the cast was made up of alented, up-and-coming actors. In addition to Dianna, the cast included Sam Huntington (“Superman Returns”, “Veronica Mars”, “Being Human”), Amanda Loncar (“The Loop”, “Law & Order”), Deon Richmond (“Hatchet”, “Not Another Teen Movie”) and Eddie Hargitay (“Neutral Ground”, “Freaky Links”). The show premiered on August 1st in 2007, and the episodes ran during episodes of MTV’s “The Real World” instead of the regular commercial break.

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