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What’s Sexy List 2011

Every year, the lingerie giant “Victoria’s Secret” release an annual “What’s Sexy List“. Traditionally, What’s Sexy includes female celebrities that Victoria’s Secret finds the hottest in such categories as sexiest lips, sexiest smile, sexiest actress, sexiest style, etc. Dianna was awarded “Sexiest Smile” in their 2011 list – below you can find the full list from that year.

Sexiest actress: Emma Stone
Sexiest lips: Amanda Seyfried
Sexiest curves: Sofia Vergara
Sexiest summer style: Beyonce Knowles
Sexiest sense of humor: Chelsea Handler
Sexiest chef : Giada De Laurentiis
Sexiest legs: Julianne Hough
Sexiest songstress: Rihanna
Sexiest international import: Malin Akerman
Sexiest smile: Dianna Agron
Sexiest beach waves: Vanessa Hudgens
Facebook fans’ choice: Sexiest up-and-coming bombshell: Jennifer Lawrence
Sexiest eyes: Mila Kunis
Facebook fans’ choice: Sexiest tweeter: Ashley Greene
Sexiest TV cast:Vampire Diaries
Sexiest sun-kissed glow: Jessica Lowndes
Sexiest beach body: Minka Kelly