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We love Dianna’s fashion sense, and her beautiful skin and hair! Luckily for us, she often talks about fashion and beauty products, so we can try our best to copy some of her routines 😉 We’ve gathered some quotes were she talks about her beauty routines, best beauty tips, favorite designers and more.

» “I double cleanse because it doesn’t matter what product you use, you have to do it twice. The makeup is so permeated in your skin. Right now I’d much rather use a tinted moisturizer because that’s all I need. I think dermatologists are wonderful and lovely and can really help determine what you need and what you’re lacking, but I really don’t have the time for it.”

» “I think it really started with my generation; you felt a shift toward paying attention to what you’re eating and what you’re putting on your face and your body. You have to be really proactive, like ‘I want to be healthy, I want to feel good, I want to look good, I want to present myself in a way that reflects that.’ You can change the map of your skin by what you’re eating, what you’re drinking, what you’re putting on it.”

» “I drink so much water, and I eat clean foods, nothing processed. You have to make sure you’re not starving yourself and be really detailed as far as what’s good for you, like taking multivitamins and taking care of your skin. I think it all goes together, it’s not like you can just do one. Obviously, food and water are so important, but your skin can have a mind of its own, especially with all the contaminants coming at us every day.”

» “I start with a good cleanser, and I always take everything off. I wasn’t always so diligent. You don’t realize if you put makeup on, you can’t just give it a light scrub. You’ll find there’s still makeup left behind, so be really thorough. It’s about being persistent.”

» “I really wanted red hair, and I would dye it from a box, and it would fade to orange in three days. Like, this is not what I was going for, and you try to fix things yourself. That experimentation and not taking yourself too seriously set me up for life. Of course I was teased in high school, of course I had these awkward moments, of course your skin’s not perfect, and you have braces. I think it’s character-building”

» (On Favorite Products) “A good lipstick or a good liner. That immediately changes your face so much. That’s my go-to.”

» (On sunscreen) “You have to use like SPF 110. I know they say it doesn’t work past 50 or 70 — it doesn’t work, but the higher, the better. Always reapply, but more than that, [good skin comes from the inside out]. Eat clean foods with no preservatives.”

» (On skin care philosophy) “Lots of water and healthy skin and hair products. Be aware of what your skin needs. Is it dry? Is it broken out? Be proactive. There’s a reason that our generation looks so much younger. Every generation is getting younger and younger looking and [living] an extended life, because we are paying more attention to our bodies, our skin care, our everything.”

» (On skin care on the move) “Before you depart, take your makeup off and put on a mask. If you’re flying overnight, the lights are off, and nobody is looking at you. It’s fun. I don’t love flying, but I love the idea that I have this opportunity to watch great movies and really hydrate my skin. So I don’t get off the plane looking like a person who has just been out in the wilderness with no products. And if you really want to wake up looking fresh, then put your makeup on during the last hour of the plane.”

» (On red carpet beauty) “It seems so glamorous, and it’s really just a hysterical process. It’s so unnatural — they’re like, “how do you wanna look today?” And you’re like, “I don’t know . . .” Do I want a red lip? Whatever. Those kind of experiences are very surreal because you’re like, “you can make me look more glamourous than I can ever make myself look.” I’m, like, supposed to custom order what I want, and I don’t know what I want. I’m like, ‘do it for me.'”

» “I work with people who are so talented at what they do and are some of my best friends, but it still seems like a ridiculous and kind of hysterical trance. I am not the actress who wants to look how I do for films on the red carpet. I am myself in real life, which is a bit of makeup and some woken-up hair.”

» “The big thing is [to drink] a lot of water and [use] hydrating products. So products like the Dermask that are hydrating. It immediately changes your skin and the way that your makeup sets on it.”

» (On her look) “Eclectic yet sometimes quirky. It can switch from super feminine to masculine vey quickly.”

» “I love Pilates and a good dance class. I travel with resistance bands or boxing gloves for a quick workout in the hotel room.”

» “Good mascara is really important. I am currently loving the W3LL People Bio Extreme Mascara, which is all-natural.”

» “Stay hydrated; drink water and keep your face moisturized. I also use Caudalie Overnight detox oil before bed.”

» (On Day to Night look) “I use Amika hair spray to add volume to my hair, add another coat of W3LL People mascara and touch up my makeup with a good bronzer.”

» “Baby oil. It’s the best eye makeup remover.”

» “I always love Valentino and Louis Vuitton. Carolina Herrera has always been good to me. I love Dior with Raf Simmons. I love clothes in general. Prada, Miu Miu have been good to me. I’ve just been lucky, really, to sit back and take it all in. I’m always learning the art behind clothes”

» “I tend to have phases. An Annie Hall moment, a rockabilly moment…..I dunno. When I cut my hair I did have to abandon a few styles, because all of a sudden certain things didn’t work. Just as when you dye your hair a new color and you realize you have to change all your makeup around.”

» “Every hairstyle, especially when it’s a big change, deserves a slightly new look by way of dress and makeup. I realized I felt so free without the weight of my former hair and I think the way I dress reflects that. Also, we are in winter, so I love a good black legging, cool coat, chunky scarf moment. I just bought these Doc Martin-esque boots from Opening Ceremony. They have this bounce to them….I feel as if I am truly conquering the NYC pavement right now.”

» “Not too long ago, I bought this Lahssan trench. I die every time I put it on. I get so many compliments on it, and I am positive it is something I am keeping for as many years as it will let me love it. Jackets and coats are some of my favorite pieces in the world. And they last as well. I wore this vintage Courreges jacket in the finale of Glee, season two, and it was a gem. I love clothes. SUCH a weakness.”

» “As I’ve grown, I love more of a mixture of…how can I explain it? Ballerina VS. Rockstar…..It can’t be pristine. Some of my favorite moments have been worked out with my stylist, Samantha McMillen, and she does it right. For instance, last year at the Grammy’s…one of my favorite and most fun looks. When looking for a stylist, I said, I’d like whoever does Carey Mulligan. She always gets it right. Bam! Found Sam. She has helped teach me exactly what it is I like. It’s fun to be a girl. You know?”

» “Stay away from those tweezers! A valuable lesson. DO NOT overpluck!!! I had a real Clueless inspired moment in 7th grade, a rather ‘Stevie Nicks’ moment (DO NOT regret that!) …Nothing is truly a regret. Life is too short. The blunders are laughable. That’s all.”